Restaurants in Penitentes

At the base of the resort, the Lomas Blancas and Ayelen restaurants offer good international cuisine. Apart from the broad menu and the live shows at La Hostería, the El Parador and La Herradura fast food, the gastronomic proposal is completed with a wine bar and a pizza resto bar. In the mountain, La Barraca is a mandatory place to have a rest, a hot drink and taste the specialties of the house. It is important to point out that Refugio Cº Aconcagua offers the most inexpensive menu in Penitentes.

After skiing, a cup of hot chocolate in some coffee-shop, or a sauna and massage session to relax and recover your strength, as the kids have fun at the video games. In the evening of Penitentes, there are enough pubs with friends and disco nights.