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Open Door to the Lake Corridor

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City tour around Piedra del Águila

At Piedra del Águila, it is possible to climb up to viewpoints, visit its precious Limay River, get deep into the history of small forts and archeology in the area or rest at its estancias.

Piedra del Águila is one of those populations we admire whenever we take the route towards the west. However, as the rush makes us get past it, whenever we devote a while to this spot to stretch our legs and drive onto the tourist destinations in the mountain range, we will definitely be surprised by some of its stories and attractions.

Once there, the first thing to be perceived is that it is surrounded by a very particular mountain range hovered by huge birds such as vultures or chimangos. The round shapes of the rocky hills seem to have been drawn and encourage viewers to find out figures or faces in their contour.

“It is not necessary to get too far away from the road in order to have a wide panoramic vision of the surroundings. Just 200 meters away, you can find a viewpoint and see the formations of reddish basaltic rocks that date back to millions of years ago. They were eroded by the strong local winds into strange forms. They border the village and provide its identity”, a neighbor told us.

Two monuments mark the idiosyncrasy of Piedra del Águila: the sculpture of a large black-chested buzzard eagle pays tribute to the name of the village and was inaugurated on the 100th anniversary of the town; the fisherman's monument reflects the importance given to the bountiful Limay River, whose middle course welcomes thousands of anglers every year who are highly satisfied by the presence of brown and rainbow trout.
City tour around Piedra del Águila
But it is at the municipal museum that the authentic history of this small town that used to have small forts and general stores in the times when the national sovereignty in Patagonia was being defined is really learned.
The memories of the old denizens are shown in a pleasant way through photographs and items from yesteryear. An interactive game lets visitors imagine how archeologists worked in order to rescue valuable elements found during the excavations done to carry out the works for the construction of the Alicurá and Piedra del Águila Dams.

Kumelkayen swim resort, by the beautiful Limay River, just 5 kilometers from the downtown is worth visiting. An appealing set of water sport activities such as skiing, rowing and windsurfing, as well as recreational activities, whether on the waterfront, camping or a lot where various disciplines are practiced are developed in the venue. A thick tree grove is the perfect ornament for this place.

Angling is the greatest attraction and every summer thousands of tourists and locals choose this environment to quench the passion for fly-casting. In the outskirts, the estancias succeed in capturing those who are interested in quiet life and sports like game hunting.

After having visited its streets, whenever we find it in the way to the mountains in the future, we will remember this town with loving and we will assert that it has got its own charm.
Useful Data
Museum open hours: Mondays thru Fridays from 8am to 8pm. Guided tours available.
Dir. de Turismo y Cultura Municipal
Ruta nacional Nº 237 kilómetro 1444 (8315) Piedra del Aguila - Neuquén - Argentina
Tel: +54 2942 49-3456  
Museo Municipal de Piedra del Águila
Ruta 237– Frente a estación de servicio EG3 (8315) Piedra del Aguila - Neuquén - Argentina

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