Puerto Tranquilo

Puerto TranquiloPuerto Tranquilo - Photo: Jorge González

Puerto Río Tranquilo is an ideal place to enjoy with the family and stay at a dreamed-of scene with various tourist attractions and incredible outings available both in the winter and the summer.

This is a must when it comes to accessing sites like the Marble Chapels and the Explorers’ Valley. Travelers to this small urban settlement may stay at some of its inns, cabins and lodgings, and then move on towards southern Chile.

Tours and excursions around the surroundings leave from Puerto Tranquilo. Some of them include the Northern Ice Field and the Exploradores Glacier Viewpoint, where hiking and trekking with crampons often involve sports climbing experiences.

The quietness of its streets and the polite nature of its people make it an ideal site that honors its name in Spanish, as ”tranquilo” stands for “quiet”. Thus, it is easy to understand why visitors choose to stay here.

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