Cameron and Lake Blanco

This is a whole day outing, since you must drive 265 km. to get to Lake Blanco. Do not forget to take a snack for a picnic on the way...

This is a whole day outing, since you must drive 265 km. too get to Lake Blanco.

Leaving from Puerto Porvenir through the road around the flat coasts, groups of houses and coves of the enormous Bahía Inútil, after 100 km. you will find a crossroad where you must turn to the right and drive 3 km. to arrive at Onaisin, a small service village created around the cask of the old estancia Caleta Josefina.

A little farther is the English cementery, assigned to the foreign personnel who adminitered the estancias of the big societies, basically Scottish cattle breeders.

After 14 km. you get to the south end of Bahía Inútil in the outlet of Río Marazzi. There you can find archaeological pieces dating from 7.600 BC.

You arrive at the sector called El Torcido, thus called because of its rugged terrain. Then there are more plains and then some sea corrals formed by stones of different sizes covered by the high tides where sea basses and atherines get trapped.

And after 150 km. you arrive at Cameron, a village born on the cask of an old estancia founded in 1904.

After travelling around the town you can go to Lake Blanco, the most beautiful place in Magellan, a place surrounded by trees with a view to the high peaks of the Fuegian range. In its dams there are beavers, and in the surroundings you can observe wild horses as well as a great variety of birds. There are wide beaches with beautiful places to camp.

Recommendations We recommend you take a snack for a picnic by the road.

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