Alberto M. D'Agostini National Park

It is situated 80 nautic miles to the south east of Punta Arenas in a mountaineous area where Darwin range is protagonist with its glaciers...

It is situated 80 nautic miles to the south east of Punta Arenas, in a mountaineous area where Darwin range is protagonist with its glaciers on the hillsides draining to fjords, coves and channels within a surface of 1.460.000 has.


It is the biggest and nicest one in this area. After crossing the Strait of Magellan and penetrating Whiteside Channel between Dawson Island and Tierra del Fuego, to the south east of the access to the channel opens the big Bahía Inútil. Then the ship gets into Seno Almirantazgo skirting Darwin range, and in Ainsworth Bay is Marinelli Glacier with its imposing ice walls almost 40 meters high.


The trip starts in Punta Arenas, skirting Bruswick peninsula and passing by Fresh Water Bay. Farther to the south is Punta Santa Ana, where there are places such as Puerto del Hambre, Bulnes Fort and San Isidro Lighthouse. After Cape Froward, the ship gets into Magdalena Channel, goes on through Keats cove to fjords Martínez and De Agostini, where one can land on the ice, protected by high mountain barriers.


You can access to this pampa by plane since there is a landing park in Russfin, an area crossed by Río Grande, a spot preferred by good fishing lovers.
Herds of guanacos are frequently seen and have given the name to Pampa Guanaco. If you are interested you can go past Russfin to Estancia Vicuña, some 50 km. to the south and 250 km. from Porvenir. This final sector leads to a wild area with the singular beauty of Fuegian Andes . Lake Blanco emerges like a huge mirror among trees. In the rivers Grande, Cóndor and Chico you can enjoy fishing brown and rainbow trout. This sector comprehends an area of beautiful landscapes, famous for international fishing championships.


It is a village on the north of the island, 125 km. from the city of a href="/puertoporvenir/index_i.html">Porvenir. It is the natural gateway to Fuegian enchantment, capital of Primavera area near Bahía Lomas, an accident of big biotic importance within natural systems.

It is situated in the north end of the island of Tierra del Fuego. If you are fond of birds watching you will enjoy this spectacular nesting area both for migratory and resident sea birds.

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