Snow and canopy in Miramás

In San Martin de los Andes a walk in the mountain invites to have fun and dare to adventure. The Miramás snow park is a different way to enjoy the landscapes of the Argentine Patagonia. The beauty of the wooded environment is seen from another perspective. The images from the air are fabulous and will leave more than one open-mouthed. The snow parks are new proposals to get in touch with nature and biodiversity.

A bird´s flight
Among lengas forests and snowy landscapes, with gentle slopes that invite you to climb on the boards and glide smoothly, the atmosphere of the walk is very familiar and enjoyable. At 15 km from the city, the possibilities of flying come true. The sensory experience begins on the way, climbing towards the Chapelco cord. The mountain park has several activities, but the protagonist takes the canopy.

It is an invitation to play and have fun, an ideal option for those who want that first contact with the snow, an introduction to the sport of skiing or an alternative to experience new and exciting sensations. The forests of Patagonia are dreamed sites to install these circuits of canopy and the skirt of the hill Chapelco is propitious to practice it. Located at 1400 masl, the route offers one of the best views of the Lanín National Park, with the Lácar lake, the Lolog lake, the Lanín volcano itself and a panoramic view of the forests and the urban center.

After an introductory talk, participants board a Unimog truck to start the adventure. A complete team of harnesses, carabiners, helmets, gloves and pulleys provides all the security to enjoy an ecological flight and stay amazed. The place is a privilege and being able to experience it is one of those moments in life that we keep as an enriching experience, but it also makes us realize the immensity of the beautiful landscapes that surround us.

  • Canopy and snow

    Canopy and snow

  • Sleigh rides with husky dogs

    Sleigh rides with husky dogs

  • Trekking with snowshoes

    Trekking with snowshoes

  • Snowtubing


  • Shelter a place to recover energy and relax

    Shelter a place to recover energy and relax

  • Miramas mountain park

    Miramas mountain park

The mountain refuge is the base of operations and the confectionery, the place to have lunch or snack between one activity and another. You can also practice snow tubing for a distance of 300 m, venture into the ski lessons, enjoy sledding and snowshoeing. It is an ideal park to go with family and do not need physical skills. Even children over 6 years can have fun with their first flight, accompanied by guides.

To end the afternoon in Miramás, a coffee with cake, a chocolate or a craft beer in the confectionery, with an extraordinary view, are the corollary of an incredible walk if you had the fortune to visit San Martin de los Andes, one of the cities most beautiful in Patagonia. A tip: book a day early to ensure the adventure.

/ Miramas Parque de Montaña

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Useful Data

Recommendations: It is located at 1400 masl and 15 km from the center of San Martin de los Andes (approximately). Access by mountain roads, ask for the state of the road.

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