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Menus containing gourmet specialties, with Patagonian ingredients and diverse preparations tempt customers at any moment of the day, especially after an outing in the surroundings.

The City of San Martín de los Andes boasts a typical mountain style and a cuisine with highly tempting regional flavors. Local restaurants and steak houses adapt themselves to the demands of their customers.

La Costa del Pueblo

A restaurant and coffee house that is open all day lies on the waterfront of Lake Lácar. It features a privileged sight both at noon and in the evenings, offering a varied menu containing delicious dishes which range from the simplest to the most elaborate ones, like trout, bife de chorizo as well as venison and boar specialties. Breakfast and tea at La Costa are unique for they are accompanied by the incredible lake view.

It was a cold afternoon when we spotted its wooden and stone architecture. We made ourselves comfortable close to the fireplace to taste a traditional regional picada and tasty craft beer. We learned about its homemade dishes. Wine and dessert match the specialties perfectly well. No wonder the locals choose this venue not only for the food, but also for the view of the mountains and the lake.

  • Recipes mountain

    Recipes mountain

  • Seafood cuisine

    Seafood cuisine

  • Delicious dishes

    Delicious dishes

  • Homemade pasta

    Homemade pasta

  • Patagonian ingredients

    Patagonian ingredients

  • Tempt customers at any moment of the day

    Tempt customers at any moment of the day

  • Highly tempting regional flavors

    Highly tempting regional flavors

Patagonia Piscis

Patagonia Piscis stands out within the grilled meat circuit. Its fire pit lures every passer-by. Both locals and visitors know that the master asador will surprise them with beef, lamb, chicken and insides cooked slowly on the charcoals until they are ready and full of flavor.

As we looked at the menu, we noticed that its main characteristic was to have managed a good combination between grilled dishes and gourmet cuisine. The members of our group made different choices: some of them opted for grilled meat and the others for homemade pasta with special sauce and very attractive presentations. A list containing regional and national wines, as well as a series of desserts made in the house, completes the menu.

La Barra

The restaurant windows feature a splendorous view of Lake Lácar. We had lunch immersed in that scene after choosing some of the house specialties. The menu included lamb, trout, boar and venison dishes, as well as homemade pizza and pasta. Outside, a coquettish wooden deck with parasols provides the chance to have a meal in the open air in the summertime.

The intense activity of the waiters was a parade of tasty dishes which made our wait appear shorter. As the servings arrived, we noticed their nice presentation and proper taste. They reminded us of homemade food.

“El lunes empiezo” (I’ll start on Monday) is a substantial dessert option with satiating delicious ingredients that leave every diet aside. A selection of wines grown in Mendoza, San Juan and Neuquén is made up by the best labels.

Good eating makes San Martín de los Andes stand out year round. So do its scenes and outings around the wonderful mountains and lakes.

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La Costa del Pueblo

Av. Constanera y Obeid (8370) San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina

Tel: +54 2972-429289

Tour KindTour Kind: Gastronomical

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