Crossing in Lake Hermoso

On the Route of the 7 Lakes, in the vicinity of the Beautiful and Machtonic lakes, the Snow Park Lago Hermoso is the latest of San Martín de los Andes, a new attraction that offers activities to enjoy contact with the snow and the wonderful landscapes of the P Lanín National Arch.

Trekking through snowy forests Very close to the city of San Martín de los Andes, 35 km along the route to Villa La Angostura, a park of several hectares in the stay Lago Hermoso opens its doors to enjoy horseback riding through secluded forests, hiking with racquets, cross-country skiing , snowmobile and sledding tours. The mountain retreat is the place to rest, appreciate the landscapes, eat something rich and comforting and spend a different day. At the side of the Seven Lakes Way, a 1.5 km detour reaches the base of the snow park, located at 1000 meters above sea level. The beautiful lake is the setting of this spectacular site in a privileged valley of the Andes mountain range, whose serene waters reflect its coastal forests of coihues, lengas and ñires. The walk is ideal for resting, looking for alternatives to the busiest ski resorts or exploring in new mountain sensations.

A very attractive option is snowshoeing. A gentle slope climb to the Adolphus Hill is an unparalleled experience, with experienced mountain guides taking visitors through hidden forests and fantasy snow-capped landscapes. It´s a pretty simple activity that the whole family can do. The panoramic view that gives us the walk is a painting of lakes, valleys and rivers that connect them, such as the Beautiful River that winds between large stone walls and nourishes with its waters Lake Meliquina, on the other side of the hypnotic route 40 , that stretch of the Corridor of the Lakes that loves everyone. For beginners the Lake Hermoso park is ideal for entering cross-country skiing in undulating terrain or feeling the expectant tingling by exploring paths and trails full of magic, while the most sloping areas and mountain crossings sting curiosity of the most dubious and accustomed. The snow park in San Martín de los Andes is added to the offer of walks and excursions that can be done in this destination, whose scenery awakens all the senses of a trip through Patagonia, in an environment of beautiful forests that remind us of the frozen lands of and fantasy movies.

Autor Miriam Coronel Fotografo Thomas Erich Tscherne

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