Patagonia, Sunday, October 23, 2016
The best information about the main winter resort

Volcán Osorno

Ski school

Top Chilean and foreign instructors run the ski and snowboarding school. The experience of learning becomes productive, safe and amusing, whatever the age or level of those taking lessons.

Group or individual lessons invite everyone to have the first experience on the snow, as well as to improve their level as skiers or snowboarders.

Specially thought for each person and with a significant experience in the subject, anyone taking lessons at the Osorno Volcano will learn not only the secrets and technique to ski better but also to do so on the hillsides of this amazing volcano.

Ski school in Volcan Osorno

Classes 2014
Private 50 minutes 110 minutes
1 person $35.000 $60.000
Extra person (up to 3) $ 8.000 $12.000
Collective lessons per person $15.000