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Events calendar in Patagonia
Agenda de eventos en la PatagoniaEnglish versionthe Most Important festivals and events in Patagonia

Centenario - Río Negro
Provincial Pioneers Festival

During the first week of April, the district of Centenario dresses up to commemorate the anniversary of its foundation as an agricultural colony and thus pay tribute to the pioneer families that gave birth to the area. During the event, various exhibitions, traditional dishes and artistic and folkloric shows will take place.

Villa Rada Tilly – Chubut
Provincial Ceramists Gathering

During this month, a new gathering of ceramists will take place in the district of Villa Rada Tilly – Chubut. In this opportunity, local and foreign artists will take part in the event and will exchange and share various techniques. This gathering is aimed at exchanging and sharing techniques, recipes and information related to ceramics and its manipulation with other professionals of the area. Ceramists from Esquel, Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia, San Martín de los Andes, El Maitén and Trelew, to mention a few, have confirmed their attendance. Within this frame, an exhibition where each ceramist will present their work will be held at the Rada Tilly Municipal Office hall.

Bajada del Agrio – Neuquén
The Farmer's Festival

During the first week of April, the Farmer's Festival will take place in the district of Bajada del Agrio – Neuquén. In such event, activities related to the local agricultural production and the rural settlers' life who work the land in their daily tasks outstand. During the festival, handicrafts exhibitions, folkloric dances and the election of “The Flower of the District” as the queen will take place.

Huinganco – Neuquén
Rosehip Festival

During the first fortnight of April, the popular Rosehip Festival will be celebrated in the district of Huinganco – Neuquén. During this celebration, the importance of the production of this fruit and its byproducts stands out. The festival consists in a singing and dancing presentation with local artists. On the closing day, the traditional mule race, in which the mayors from the northern districts also participate, is the perfect ending for the festival.

Las Lajas - Neuquén
Provincial Grass Festival

In April, people from all the corners of the Province of Neuquén gather at the district of Las Lajas to celebrate the “Provincial Grass Festival”. This year, there will be folkloric shows, Creole skills displays and typical dishes. Besides, handicrafts may be purchased at the local fair.

Aguada de Guerra
Provincial Goat Festival

On April 16 and 17, the district of Aguada de Guerra will be host for the Provincial Goat Festival. On the morning of the 16th, the reproductors exhibition will take place, where the winner of the goat males for 2005 will be chosen. Celebrations continue till the evening, on the municipal stage, where a folkloric and native dancing festival will be presented, Dancing, singing and popular dance will be the protagonists. On the 17th, celebrations continue with the typical races. There will be prizes for the winners. The event ends with the election of the Queen of the Goat 2005, who will be crowned in the same act. For further information, please contact the following cell phone: 02944 15 60 4511.

San Carlos de Bariloche – Río Negro
National Trout Festival

During the first half of the month, the Asociación de Pesca y Caza Nahuel Huapi organizes this sport event of international scope. With the Limay River as the main scenery, lovers of fly-fishing may take part in fishng outings, lectures given by specialists and a comradeship lunch, to name a few activities. For further information about registration in fishing contests, address the Association by e-mail:

The dates and events are subject to modification by the organizers without prior notice. Before coordinating your trip, ask at the Tourist and/or Culture Offices in each town to check on any changes.
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