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Agenda de eventos en la PatagoniaEnglish versionthe Most Important festivals and events in Patagonia

Villa Regina – Río Negro
Provincial Grape Harvest Festival

During the first week of this month, Villa Regina – Río Negro – will renovate one of the most traditional festivals in the area. The XXVIIIth issue of the Provincial Grape Harvest Festival will include the participation of the main winemakers this year. Likewise, famous regional and national artists will present their shows. The audience may take part in several activities, such as fruit blessing and the winery's dinner, with the participation of wine producers and winemakers. Winetasting sessions will enable participants to learn the particular features of the weather and the soil of Alto Valle, which print a distinctive mark on these products. In the frame of the festival, other cultural and sport activities have already been confirmed. They include the Grape Harvest Triathlon, in which a significant number of contesters has already been enrolled. For further information, call 02941 464550.

Carmen de Patagones – Buenos Aires- and Viedma – Río Negro
National Sovereignty and Tradition Festival

This month, tribute is paid to the local heroes from Carmen de Patagones – Buenos Aires- and Viedma – Río Negro – who wrote the history of the Cerro de la Caballada battle in March 7, 1827, during the Argentinian-Brazilian war. The celebrations will take place on the same mount where 178 years ago, the imperial troops surrendered to the brave commander of the Negro River fort, Martín Lacarra. Just like in the past, this year, the traditional civil-military parade and the criollo tour will be presented. School and sport delegations, various communities, security forces, the honorable guard, intermediate entities and criollo troops will be part of the event. In the evening, the main stage will summon dancers from all over the country, who will present a variety of folklore dances.

Caviahue – Neuquén
Pine Nut Festival

The Pine Nut Festival will take place in Caviahue – Neuquén. This traditional event pays tribute to the fruit of the monkey-puzzle tree or araucaria araucana, and it includes several criollo activities. There will also be carreras de sortija, break in of horses for children, cow milking, rein skills demonstrations and cinchadas. To complete the celebrations, various artistic shows will be presented, along with pictorial, photographic and handmade expressions and the habitual election of the queen.

Picun Leufú – Neuquén
Provincial Sweetcorn and Humita Festival

In the middle of March, the "XI Provincial Sweetcorn and Humita Festival" will be celebrated at Paraje El Sauce – District of Picun Leufú – Province of Neuquén. For 3 days, attendants may enjoy criollo skills, horseback riding demonstrations, folklore shows, countryside dancing and typical dishes along with local producers. This festival was created with the purpose of satisfying the local producers, who did not have the necessary resources to transport their products to consumption centers. Sweetcorn production is one of the primary products in the region and the humita is one of the typical local meals. This event is organized by the Rafael Otamendi Traditionalist Center. It is sponsored by El Sauce Ministry of Social Works, the Provincial Tourist Department, the National Culture Office and the Provincial Culture Department. For further information, contact José Luis Curihuil at 02942 492213 or 02941 15665709.

Lamarque – Río Negro
National Tomato and Production Festival

In the middle of March, the XI National Tomato and Production Festival is celebrated in the City of Lamarque – Río Negro –, with a complete activities program. Like every year, celebrations will include the tomatina, the election of the queen, the float parade and the fashion models parade. The festival will be closed with a fireworks presentation.

Aluminé – Neuquén
Provincial Pehuén Festival

Like every year, the monkey-puzzle tree pine nuts are harvested in March, when the Provincial Pehuén Festival is held in the District of Aluminé – Neuquén – to pay tribute to the araucaria araucana. This tree produces an exquisite fruit rich in carbohidrates, the basic ingredient of the Mapuche diet since time immemorial. This year, horseback riding demonstrations and artistic shows will be presented. As well, handicraft and regional items will be displayed. For further information, call 02942 49 6377

Los Menucos - Río Negro
Piedra Laja Provincial Festival

During the last week of March, the X Piedra Laja Provincial Festival will be held in the district of Los Menucos - Río Negro -, one of the most important celebrations in the southern region, which rescues a significant sustain means of the local economy: the exploitation of flagstone. Historically, the production of flagstone and porphyry has represented an important contribution to local economy due to the revenues and manpower it has generated. Celebrations begin with the inauguration of the craftsmen market, around San Martín Square. Then, everybody moves onto the municipal gym, where there will be various artistic, folklore and comic shows.

Gobernador Gregores – Santa Cruz
Salmon Fishing Festival

The Tourist Office at the Municipality of Gobernador Gregores – Santa Cruz - will organize the traditional Salmon Fishing Festival which is celebrated every year in Easter at Lake Cardiel. Individual and team fishing contests are organized there. Countless Patagonian anglers take part in the event, classified in different categories: men, women and youths. This water mirror is a real paradise for the angler. It lies 70 kilometers from the District of Gobernador Gregores (through Provincial Route 29) and 12 kilometers from the crossing with National Route 40.

The dates and events are subject to modification by the organizers without prior notice. Before coordinating your trip, ask at the Tourist and/or Culture Offices in each town to check on any changes.
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