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Events calendar in Patagonia
Agenda de eventos en la PatagoniaEnglish versionthe Most Important festivals and events in Patagonia

Río Mayo - Chubut - Argentina
National Shearing Festival

About the middle of this month, the district of Río Mayo – Chubut – summons the most skilled sheep shearers to take part in the National Shearing Festival. In this contest, the sherarers classify and pack the wool with the typical speed required by this ancient task. Participants try to finish their work as quickly as possible without harming the animal. In addition to the contest rounds, the skills used to break in horses are presented in a a great horseback ride and demostration. Besides, there will be folklore dancers, artists and the the election of the Queen of the Woolen Fleece and the Queen of Shearing will ornament the event which is a tribute to rural settlers. The last day of celebration, various gaucho delegations are invited to parade and take part in a contest to choose the best roping and the best horse. At sunset, the awards are given to the winners and the festival is closed with a great popular dance.

Los Antiguos - Santa Cruz - Aregentina
National Cherry Festival

During the first week of January, the National Cherry Festival will be celebrated at the district of Los Antiguos – Santa Cruz . Important national artists will present their shows.

Junín de los Andes - Neuquén - Argentina
Rural Expo

During the last week of January, Junín de los Andes presents the most important rural event in the area: the Neuquén Rural Expo. This event represents a space of encounter for countryside people and their thriving labor. The fair features rural activities, horseback skills, folklore live shows and numerous stands with typical products from the area including woven textiles, cheese, ropes, flowers and vegetables. Likewise, a polo tournament, a ranch contest, animal evaluation and recreational activities are carried out.

Frutillar - X Region - Chile
Musical Weeks

Every year, late in January and early in February, Frutillar dresses up in music to celebrate the Musical Weeks. With the presence of national and international artists, the city shines with all styles of music from all periods. Conductors, symphonic orchestras, chamber groups, choruses and opera singers display their art at Teatro del Lago (The Lake Theater), a building featuring a singular architectural style that gets into Lake Llanquihue.

The dates and events are subject to modification by the organizers without prior notice. Before coordinating your trip, ask at the Tourist and/or Culture Offices in each town to check on any changes.
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