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San Martín de los Andes - Neuquén

During the first fortnight of this month, this event which summons entire families to enjoy multiple activities related with mountain life is held in San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén). The main encounter takes place at the Chapelco Ski Resort -20 km from the city- where the Snow Festival is celebrated. In addition to music at the base and the traditional downhill torch parade, synchronized ski and jump trials are carried out by the members of the resort ski and snowboard school. At the mountain village, activities and musical encounters are organized at the San Martín square, together with the Axemen Contest. About thirty participants gather at the civic center of the city to show who the most skillful highlander is at the time of breaking off a log. Celebrations end with the White Festival. For further information, contact ENSATUR at 54 2972 428654 / 8655. E-mail address: [email protected]

San Martín de los Andes - Neuquén
Memorial Federico Graeff

Skiers from various parts of the world reach the Chapelco Ski Resort, 20 km from San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén) to take part in the Memorial Federico Graeff Continental Cup, organized by the Asociación Deportiva y Cultural Lácar . This race provides important scoring for the FIS - International Ski Federation Championship. It is an interesting worth watching white sport trial. For further information, contact Club Lácar at 54 2972 427125 / 7225. E-mail adress: [email protected]

Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego
Provincial White Walk Festival

During this month, the 20th occasion in which the White Walk is held in the city of Ushuaia ( Tierra del Fuego ). This so-longed competition summons hundreds of lovers of cross-country skiing in the calmness of the icy valleys of Tierra del Fuego to offer a colorful show of movement which, far from being a simple race, has become a tradition that distinguishes winter in the southern city. The organization of the event is in charge of the Club Andino Ushuaia , which is supported by the Federación Argentina de Ski – FAS (Argentinian Ski Federation) and the FIS (International Ski Federation), being part of the world circuit. This event is open for all those who are interested, without any distinction as regards experience or age. What is particular about this event is its popularity, as not only does it summon expert cross-country skiers, but also entire families. With the purpose of ensuring the presence of a notable diversity of racers, circuits of various lengths are laid: an aerobic 7.5-kilometer-long trial and another one 21 kilometers long for those who accept the challenge. Only skiers over 16 are allowed to take part in the latter, which enables the first positions to obtain scoring by the FIS. For further information, contact the Club Andino Ushuaia at 54 2901 422335. E-mail address: [email protected]

Río Turbio - Chubut
Provincial Snow Festival

During the first weekend of this month, this provincial festival in which ski tournaments and sport displays are held, as well as the habitual downhill torch parade, is celebrated at the Vadelén winter park , located 4km from Río Turbio (Santa Cruz ). In the evening, folkloric gatherings, theatre performances, handicraft fairs, dinner parties, dancing and presentation of awards to the participants close the festival. The organization of the event is in charge of the Club Andino Río Turbio (C.A.R.T.) . For further information, contact the Municipal Tourist Office at 54 2902 421564.

Caepe Malal y Tricao Malal - Neuquén
Santa Rosa Festival

Late in the second fortnight of this month, the Santa Rosa Festival is celebrated in the towns of Caepe Malal and Tricao Malal, North of the Province of Neuquén . In this opportunity, a folkloric gathering, with dancing, singing and regional dishes will be held during the whole evening.

Primeros Pinos - Neuquén
Andean Winter Festival

During the first fortnight of the month, and with the purpose of encouraging the growth of the Primeros Pinos snow park, located 50 kilometers from Zapala (Neuquén), various cultural activities and sport competitions are held in the facilities. As well, various tours and excursions are organized, so that both grown-ups and kids may enjoy the benefits of snow, which lies all around. For further information, telephone 54 2942 422637.

Bariloche - Río Negro
The Chocolate Festival

During this month, the celebration of the Chocolate Festival is planned to be held in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro). Attendants may visit several chocolate stands, factories and see first-class art shows. This celebration promises to highlight the activity of chocolate makers and position Bariloche as the “City of Chocolate ”. It will be a good opportunity to taste delicious products and see the intense activity performed by the companies dedicated to the making of the most famous chocolate in Patagonia . The festival ends with a gala dinner party and the election of the Queen of Chocolate. For further information, contact the Municipal Tourist Office at 54 2944 423022 / 3122. E-mail address: [email protected]

Puerto Varas – X Region – Chile
The Music Festival

During this month, the Music Festival is celebrated at Puerto Varas – X Region – Chile. Concerts in the open air, in which regional and national orchestras and the municipal music academy get together in the civic center of the city to delight audiences with beautiful tunes. Thus, the concert season called “Waiting for the Spring” begins.

The dates and events are subject to modification by the organizers without prior notice. Before coordinating your trip, ask at the Tourist and/or Culture Offices in each town to check on any changes.
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