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Events calendar in Patagonia
Agenda de eventos en la PatagoniaEnglish versionthe Most Important festivals and events in Patagonia

Pico Truncado –Santa Cruz
National Southern Folklore Festival

During this month, the National Southern Folklore Festival will take place in the city of Pico Truncado – Santa Cruz . Delegations from various cities in the country will attend to take part in various categories of dancing and singing, thus trying to win the well-known prize called “Golden Penguin”. In this opportunity, important celebrities of Patagonian music and folklore, as well as first-level national artists, will take part in this act. Delegations may compete in the following categories: female and male vocal solo, vocal group, vocal duet, gaucho recitation, individual southern malambo , individual northern malambo , combined southern or northern malambo , traditional projection and stylized projection dancing partners, traditional projection and stylized projection dancing group, typical dances group and stylized tango dancing partners. The festival judges will be dance, singing, music and reciting professors. The first day will be dedicated to the so-called Australito (little southern citizen), in which over 700 kids take part in a dancing and singing performance held year after year. During the following days, regional, national and international shows will be presented on the stage. Furthermore, many regional craftsmen gather at the city cultural hall to display their products in various stands. For further information, contact the festival committee venue, telephone 54 297 499 2202.

Catriel –Río Negro
Provincial Oil Festival

The Provincial Oil Festival will be celebrated at Catriel –Río Negro– during the third week of this month, as a tribute to the moment in which the crude oil flew from the first well in Rio Negro . The celebration will begin in front of the General Enrique Mosoconi monument, located on the corner of San Martín and La Pampa. After hoisting the flag and singing the National Anthem, the choir encounter will be held at the local amphitheater .

Chos Malal –Neuquén
XIX Provincial Goat, Dancing and Singing Festival

During the second week of this month, the most important cultural event in the North of Neuquén will be held in the city of Chos Malal , Neuquén. During this celebration, visitors will enjoy folkloric dances, music groups, solo singers, popular singers, typical dishes, riding and they will taste the most delicious traditional grilled goats in the country. In the historical capital city of Neuquén , the last details are being taken care of for a new issue of the festival to be organized in the venues of the city sports center.

Trelew –Chubut
Expo - Trelew

During the second fortnight of the month, the annual commercial, cultural and industrial exhibition where the potential of the city is displayed will be developed in Trelew, Chubut , in the so-called Expo-Trelew. As every year, various shows with the special participation of local artists will be presented on the “Rómulo Liberatti” stage every night. There will also be artistic performances of unquestionable hierarchy and typical dishes. For further information, contact Trelew Tourist Office, telephone 54 2965 42 0139 / 6819 or e-mail address [email protected]

The dates and events are subject to modification by the organizers without prior notice. Before coordinating your trip, ask at the Tourist and/or Culture Offices in each town to check on any changes.
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