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Fishing in rivers Butalcura and Chepu

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Fishing in rivers Butalcura and Chepu

To get to the valley and return along the Cordillera de la Costa to the Pacific Ocean and end in the bay of river Butalcura, the longest one on the island, we must drive 75 km. including 35 km. of pebble road.

The number of dead tree trunks lying in the water will call your attention there. This sector was affected by the earthquake in 1960, which produced the sinking of the terrain and left the area in these conditions.

If you go on walking for 3 km. you will arrive to Anguay, a beach on the Pacific ocean from where you will see Isla Metalquí in the distance, where there is a big colony of sea wolves.
Fishing in Chepu Estuary

Leaving Ancud along the Panamericana to the south, you will get to km. 14 and turn right in a road diagonal to the coast, and then pass by a beautiful little chapel.

The outlet is 3 km. far, and if you cross by boat to go south wading the dunes, you will get to Punta Pulga and its beach, and if you continue walking along the road, you will get to Punta Ahenco and its beach Tongoy.

During the low tide you can cross to go to the river Lar, and a little farther, to the shelter of the CONAF, where a park ranger will give you information about outings.
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