El Gorosito in Caleta Olivia

The contemplation of El Gorosito, an enigmatic emblem of oil and oil workers is a must for every tourist in Caleta Olivia.

The contemplation of El Gorosito, an emblematic statue in homage of oil and oil workers, is a must for every tourist in Caleta Olivia.

This monument, a mute testimony of the close relation between oil and settlers, is erected in the center of this pacific city. It is a big yellow statue of a worker looking at the horizon as if tryng to indicate the way to prosperity for all the inhabitants of Caleta Olivia.
According to villagers, this oil workers is looking at the north of Republica Argentina meaning that all the mining riches of Patagonia are given to the rest of the country.
Caleta Olivia is the gateway to Santa Cruz province, and the second in it as regards commercial and oil movement since 1944, when an oil well was discovered and a rich oil deposit found.

If you are planning to stay in the area, we recommend you also visit the coast of Golfo San Jorge with its prominent cliffs and fine sand beaches.

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