Copahue and its Hot Spring Center

Copahue is a rare, exotic city unlike any other, but it is liked as soon as it is walked around. Its hot spring center and its famous volcano are two important reasons for this to happen.

Copahue is a rare, exotic city unlike any other, but it is liked as soon as it is walked around. Its hot spring center and its famous volcano are two important reasons for this to happen.

Famous for the healing properties of its waters, this site is located in Northern Neuquén. For years, it has been a favorite destination among those who search to relax as well as to recover from all kinds of skin diseases.

The origin of the Copahue hot springs is volcanic. Besides its name, they give the city a set of ideal hot springs to heal all those who come along to visit. Copahue hides some secrets. In the winter, the city is almost abandoned by its settlers, as the snow covers absolutely everything. So they have to leave. It is impossible to stay.

As a result of the hard work done by its men, the National Gendarmerie station remains free of ice to assist the entire area. This is the only building that is not covered by the snow, as well as the hot spring resort, which remains clear thanks to the strong sulfur vapors. When the low temperatures start, the city gets ready to go through the winter. All windows in the hotels, cabins and apartments are sealed and all necessary arrangements made so as to reduce damages caused by the snow as far as possible. The spring works wonders: everything starts to melt down and this gives time to tourist operators to condition their hotels, cabins and houses for mid November, when a great deal of tourists arrive in the town. This is when the high season begins.

The city and its surroundings abandon the white, which remains just on the top of some nearby mountains. The vapor in the hot springs is the first thing tourists spot as soon as they get to this destination. With its own visitors and its own pace, Copahue displays its houses for temporary rent, its cabins and, of course, some high class hotel resorts, ideal to stay and enjoy. The hot springs, with their varied ponds and their highly-qualified information center, can provide 2,500 baths a day. Since very early in the morning, they provide thousands of visitors with what they have come in search for: relax, pleasure and, obviously, to be healed. Immersion baths in volcanic sulfurous ferrous healing waters, hydromassage, mud therapy, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, inhale therapy, dermatology, rehabilitation and outdoor baths are some of the options at the hot spring city, where a team of highly-qualified professionals and therapists render their services.

Famous for having been enjoyed by the primitive Mapuche peoples years ago, the Pig’s Lagoon, the Green Lagoon and the Sulfurous Lagoon (not suitable for bathing, due to its high temperatures, surpassing 70° C) are the entrance to the hot spring resort and the typical images printed on the photographs taken by visitors. The hot spring season begins on November 15 and ends in the middle of May, when the provincial and local authorities begin to realize it is necessary for the city to become adapted to the upcoming winter. Thus, once again, and as it has always happened, the snow begins to hide this real treasure.

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Recommendations There is no doubt that this is a real hot spring reference from every point of view. Strict controls are carried out on the activities as these waters are ideal to heal provided that the proper diagnosis is made. Health is more important than business. All hot spring resorts should respect this policy.

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