La Junta Photo Gallery

<i>Espacio y Tiempo</i> Spying on the photographer Along the mountain trail Charming town scenery The town church Ruben at the Rosselot Cheese from the Palena Basin Carabiniers and Copec Barros Arana Summit Craftsmen at the Traditional Festivities Interesting diagram at the square Local aerodrome Friends at La Junta Bakery Modern construction Pleasant streets of La Junta Traditional Festivities Cristian at El Sauce Hot Springs Soccer field A great guide, a great angler Cozy environment, <i>Espacio y Tiempo</i> A character from town Music at the Traditional Festivities Building a home Cozy postcard of La Junta My little tea house Lake scenery, Lake Rosselot On the way to the hot springs For the community Copihue Inn and Restaurant The photo and back to the Rosselot waters Green and yellow Comfortable space October at La Junta Tradition at the Festivities Cheese making Regional handicrafts Pello fishing in Lake Rosselot Ruben and Cristian near El Sauce Town of encounters Pello, expert angler at the Rosselot Cheese factory Making the cheese El Sauce hot springs bridge Shopping at La Junta
Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (35) Rodrigo Bustos (84)
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