Equipment Rental in Antillanca y Osorno

The complete equipment and accessories to practice skiing and snowboarding may be rented at the resort ski store.

Equipment Rental in Antillanca and Osorno

  Adult Minors
Complete equipment carvin 35.000 25.000
Complete equipment snowboard 32.000 22.000
Equipment carvin 15.000 12.000
Table snowboard 25.000 15.000
Ski or snowboard boots 15.000 10.000
Buttons 7.000 7.000
Snowblade and rackets 15.000 15.000


Note: The rates, expressed in Chilean pesos, have beenprovided by the ski resort, responsible for any modification withoutprior notice. We recommend that you check the rates before making areservation.

Equipment Rental in Antillanca