San Carlos de Bariloche How to get there

How to get to Bariloche by car

Along National Route 22 and passing by Zapala you will drive 416 km to arrive to Bariloche.
Or you may pass by Piedra del Águila distant 185 km from Neuquén along National Route 22 and then route 237 passing by Alicura.

Distances from Bariloche to:

  • Bahia Blanca 1076 km
  • Buenos Aires 1640 km
  • 25 de mayo 572 km
  • Cipolletti 421 km
  • Comodoro Rivadavia 868 km
  • El Bolsón 131 km
  • Esquel 300 km
  • General Roca 416 km
  • Las Grutas 1015 km
  • Neuquén 416 km
  • Osorno 250 km
  • Piedra del Aguila 185 km
  • Puerto Montt 390 km
  • Rawson 894 km
  • Río Gallegos 1667 km
  • San Martín de los Andes 158 km (por Paso del Córdoba)
  • San Martín de los Andes 190 km (por Siete Lagos)
  • San Martín de los Andes 260 km (por Rinconada)
  • Santa Rosa 1011 km
  • Temuco ( por Mamuil Malal ) 479 km
  • Temuco (por Puyehue) 489 km
  • Trelew 860 km
  • Viedma 845 km
  • Villa La Angostura 83 km
  • Villa Traful 100 km

International Passes

Paso Perez Rosales

From Laguna Frias, precisely in Puerto Frias, west of Lake Nahuel Huapi, 41° 01´ 00” South – 72° 24´ 00” West, you will drive only some kilometres to get to Paso Perez Rosales and get to Peulla, distant 30 Km from the border in Chile, where you can take the route and then the raft in Lake Todos los Santos, distant only 120 km from Puerto Varas.
The Pass presents an average temperature of 25° C in summer and -16° C in winter.

Paso Rio Manso

At 479 metres above sea level to the west of Lake Steffen , 41° 30 South– 71° 51´ West, is this pass not suitable for cars, since it is just a horse and mountain bike trail.From Chile there is no access road either, but a trail near lake Vidal Gormaz and Cerro Torrecillas 2164 m. high.

Paso Vuriloche

This is a walking trail, not suitable for vehicles from Chile. There is a temporary frontier guard post from November to April situated exactly at: 41° 13´ 14” South – 71° 51´ 30” West. The post is in charge of Escuadron 34 de Gendarmeria.

Paso Cardenal Samoré ex Puyehue:

From Villa La Angostura, distant only 79 km. to the north from Bariloche you can take this pass following the directions on the signs.
This pass is 1314 metres above sea level (42° 29´ 07” South – 70° 25´ 91” West)and is open all year round. It is considered the second in importance in the country since it communicates directly with Puerto Montt (a 220 km) and Osorno ( a 117km) and with all the rest of Chilean Patagonia through the Carretera Austral de Chile.
The road is almost all paved, and one must take precautions in those sectors under construction. It is an important commercial pass with quite intense transit. National Route 231 is a pebble road with an average width of 7 m. and a good general state. The distance to the limit is 4 km.
email: tel.494-996/997

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