Equipment Rental in Catedral

With over 4,000 cutting-edge equipments, the ski rentals located on Mount Catedral are distributed into strategic locations within the resort.

Cerro Catedral

One of the premises is located in the southern sector, within the area of El Establo on the access to the main parking lot; another rental is located in the Los Troncos building, in the northern sector, also the Escuela Xtreme has an exclusive ski rental with the latest generation Fischer and Volkl equipment.

Ski and snowboard equipment rental rates 2024

Category standard
1 day$26.000

High-end Category - Teams with less than two seasons
Ski or snowboard
1 day$47.500

Goggles $11.000.

Escuela Xtreme

Base Cerro Catedral (ski resort) Ed Ski Total


Escuela Xtreme

Base Cerro Catedral (ski resort) Ed Ski Total



Av. San Martín 127 L. 21

+-294-4422110 +-9-

Posadas Aurelio

Base Cerro Catedral



F.P. Moreno 234

+-294-4432794 +-9-

Néstor Ski S.A.

Base Cerro Catedral

+-294-4460114 +-9-

La Bolsa del deporte

Diag. Capraro 1081

+-294-4433111 +-9-

Catedral Ski Rental

Base Cerro Catedral

+-294-4460190 +-9-

Catedral Alta Patagonia

Base Cerro Catedral

+-294-4409000 +-9-

Scandinavian Ski Shop

Mitre 219

+-294-4433170 +-9-

Mountain Club

Calle del Bajo Cerro Catedral

+-294-4460014 +-9-

Travesías Ropa de Nieve

Av. de los Pioneros 4180



Base Cerro Catedral


Adventure World - Carlos Oertele

Base Cerro Catedral

+-294-4460164 +-9-


Av. Bustillo Km. 8.600


Centro de Ski Nórdico

Cerro Otto



Mitre 171

+-294-4428817 +-9-

Mountain Catedral

Shopping Las Terrazas - Base Cº Catedral

+-294-4460170 +-9-

Edge Boarding Store

Av. San Martín 162 L.3

+-294-4435948 +-9-

Rent Ski

Base Cerro Catedral

+-294-4424922 +-9-


Av. San Martín 413

+-294-4525505 +-9-

Snow Diamond

Los Pinos 424


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