Restaurants in Catedral and Bariloche

Restaurants in Catedral y Bariloche

To crown a day at the resort, the refuges offer the widest gastronomic variety. This season, in addition to the 9 refuges on the northern area (Barrilete, Punta Nevada, Refugio Lynch, El Cabo, Parador Intermedia, Plataforma 1200, Cabaña 1600, Rodeo y Viento Cero) 8 restaurants, pastry-shops and refuges (Conexión, La Roca , La Cueva , Punta Princesa, Plaza Oertle, Q-White, Soul Point y Oso Point) will be available. All of them have been conditioned by the new managers in order to please the needs of the ever increasing and more demanding visitors.

From exquisite soups and delicious snacks, to the best fondues and typical dishes of the area, everything is part of the varied range of dishes to be tasted in the company of an excellent wine selection. Catedral offers a different landscape in each one of its restaurants, with a unique and privileged environment.

At the restaurants located by the mount ski runs, international and regional cuisines mingle with the best view of the mountain. The best-known chefs in our country excel at Catedral. El Rodeo outstands due to its barbecues, all kinds of meat and trout; there is also live music and activities. The terraces of Plataforma 1200, Punta Princesa, Conexión and Refugio Lynch offer a spectacular sight as you enjoy typical mountain dishes. At Punta Nevada , Viento Cero and Parador Intermedia, you can enjoy traditional dishes, such as goulash. El Cabo serves Mexican food and, for good pizza, El Barrilete is the best choice.

For those who do not wish to miss even one minute of action in the runs, Q-White, La Roca , Soul Point and Plaza Oertle offer fast food service. When it comes to a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate accompanied by some delicacy, Cabaña 1600 also provides Internet access free of charge.

Having dinner at La Cueva is an interesting choice to appreciate a night perspective of the mountain. 


Where to eat in Bariloche


Photo of Chiado Chiado

Av. Bustillo Km 17,933

+54 2944-900689  

Photo of El Galpón de Salo El Galpón de Salo

Mitre 1530 esq. 9 de Julio

+54 2944-506795

Photo of Ahumadero de la Flia Weiss
Ahumadero de la Flia Weiss

O´Connor 401

+54 294-4509149

Photo of Anima Restaurante
Anima Restaurante

Ruta 77 N°18623 Circuito chico

+54 294-4598900

Photo of Antares

Elflein 47

+54 294-4431454

Photo of Bachmann

Elflein 90 esquina Quaglia

+54 294-4422249 +54 294-4955904

Photo of Bahía Lopez Beach
Bahía Lopez Beach

Ruta 77 km 32 Circuito chico

+54 294-4450580

Photo of Bahía Serena
Bahía Serena

Av. Bustillo Km 12,275

+54 294-4524614

Photo of Berlina Km12
Berlina Km12

Av. Bustillo Km 1175

+54 294 4129048

Photo of Capital

Elflein 149

+54 294-4700880

Photo of Cassis

Avenida del Lago 1557

+54 294-4593650

Photo of Chalet Suisse
Chalet Suisse

Av. San Martín 630

+54 294-4423120

Photo of Chez Philippe
Chez Philippe

Primera Junta 1080

+54 294-4284754

Photo of Curantos Emilio Goye
Curantos Emilio Goye

Felix Goye-Colonia Suiza

+54 294-4448605

Photo of El Bodegón del Naútico
El Bodegón del Naútico

Av. Bustillo 3500

+54 294-4600274

Photo of El Boliche de Alberto
El Boliche de Alberto

Elflein 158

+54 294-4434564

Photo of El Mallin
El Mallin

Av Bustillo Km 11600

+54 294-4616099

Photo of El Nuevo Gaucho
El Nuevo Gaucho

Rolando 174

+54 294-4436172

Photo of Epic

Ruta 82 - Villa Lago Gutierrez

+54 3543-606807

Photo of Il Gabbiano
Il Gabbiano

Av. Bustillo Km 24,300

+54 294-4448346

Photo of Jauja

Elflein 148

+54 294-4422952

Photo of Kandahar

Carlos Bustos 350

Photo of La Casa de la Hamburguesa Bariloche
La Casa de la Hamburguesa Bariloche

Photo of La Casita
La Casita

Photo of La Cueva Catedral
La Cueva Catedral

Base Cerro Catedral

+54 294-4460478 +54 294-4335225

Photo of La Esquina
La Esquina

Perito Moreno 10

+54 294-4413413

Photo of La Fonda Del Tío
La Fonda Del Tío

Photo of La Jirafa
La Jirafa

Photo of La Marmite
La Marmite

Av. Mitre 329

+54 294-4423685

Photo of La Salamandra Pulpería
La Salamandra Pulpería

Club house barrio dos valles

+54 294-4785248

Photo of Las Morillas
Las Morillas

Photo of Mafalda

Palacios 264

+54 294-4423621

Photo of Maleza

12 octubre 825

+54 294-4702222

Photo of Nebbiolo

Palacios 156

+54 294-4890023

Photo of Noche Nórdica
Noche Nórdica

Cerro Otto

+54 294-4668996

Photo of Península Petit Hotel
Península Petit Hotel

Avenida Campanario 493 – Península San Pedro

+54 294-4275555

Photo of Quiven

Av. Bustillo 19688

+54 294-4523523 +54 294-4771067

Photo of Ren Vegetariano
Ren Vegetariano

San Martin 298

+54 294-4421165

Photo of Sherpas

Tiscornia y Quaglia

+54 294-4427972 +54 294-4661298

Photo of Stag El Restó de Charming
Stag El Restó de Charming

Av. Bustillo Km 7,500

+54 294-4462889

Photo of Winter Garden Llao Llao
Winter Garden Llao Llao

Av. Bustillo Km. 25

+54 294-4445700

Steak Houses

Alto el fuego

20 de Febrero 451

+54 294-4437015

Photo of El Boliche Viejo
El Boliche Viejo

Ruta 40 (ex nacional 237) y Río Limay

+54 294-4468452

Photo of El Nuevo Boliche
El Nuevo Boliche

Amancay 282, Dina Huapi

+54 294-4418161

Photo of La Marca Patagonica
La Marca Patagonica

Urquiza 230

+54 294-4421444

Photo of La Parrilla de Julían
La Parrilla de Julían

Av. San Martín 590

+54 294-4433252

Photo of Rincón Patagónico
Rincón Patagónico

Av. Bustillo - Km. 14

+54 294-446-3063

Italian Cuisine

Photo of El Mundo de las Pizzas y Pastas
El Mundo de las Pizzas y Pastas

Mitre 759

+54 294-4423461

Photo of I Italiano Trattoria
I Italiano Trattoria

Quaglia 21

+54 294-4432201

Photo of La Masia
La Masia

Av. Exequiel Bustillo 23425

+54 294-4448952

Photo of Las Pastas de Gabriel
Las Pastas de Gabriel

Photo of Lingüini

Mitre 370

+54 294-4425910

Sushi Bar / Japanese Cuisine

Photo of Sushi Area
Sushi Area

Av. Ángel Gallardo 131

+54 294-4429232 +54 294-4554283

Photo of Sushi-Take

Elflein 122

+54 294-4808206

Regional Cuisine

Photo of Refugio Berghof
Refugio Berghof

Cerro Otto

+54 294-4146018

Photo of Refugio Lynch
Refugio Lynch

International Cuisine

Photo of Buena Vista Resto
Buena Vista Resto

Av. Pioneros Km 2

+54 294-4636659

Photo of El Refugio en Arelauquen
El Refugio en Arelauquen

Photo of Hotel Islas Malvinas
Hotel Islas Malvinas

San Martín 698

+54 294-4422923

Photo of La Tavola (Hotel NH Edelweiss)
La Tavola (Hotel NH Edelweiss)

San Martín 202

+54 294-4445500

Photo of Llao Llao Hotel & Resort
Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

Av. Bustillo Km. -25

+54 294-4448530

Photo of Sirius

Av. Bustillo 20,400

+54 294-4448678 +54 294-4588395

Spanish Cuisine

Photo of Tasca Brava
Tasca Brava

Palacios 149

+54 294-4462599

Mexican Cuisine

Photo of Mexicano Café
Mexicano Café

Mitre 585

+54 294-4958019


Photo of Chimi Bar de Choris
Chimi Bar de Choris

Ada Maria Elfein 73

+54 294-4456000

Photo of Pajaros Restobar
Pajaros Restobar

Av. San Martin 86

+54 294-4424680

Pastry Shops

Photo of Cerro Campanario Confiteria
Cerro Campanario Confiteria

Av. Bustillo km 17,500

+54 294-4427274

Photo of Don Federico
Don Federico

Av. de los Pioneros Km. 4.200

+54 294-4331305

Photo of Mamuschka

Av. Mitre 298

+54 294-4423294

Photo of Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui

Av. Mitre 202

+54 294-4433999


Photo of Baccio Melipal
Baccio Melipal

Lonquimay 3982

+54 294-4484104

Photo of BelaKay

Av. Belgrano 05

+54 294-4153392

Photo of El Molinito Café
El Molinito Café

Av. Belgrano 102

+54 2942-618007

Photo of Gino Café
Gino Café

Bartolome Mitre 86

+54 294-4693292

Photo of Sandwich Café
Sandwich Café

Palacios 156

+54 294-4243150


Photo of After 7
After 7

España 268

+54 294-4432528

Pizza Shops

Photo of Café Rey
Café Rey

Estados Unidos 494

+54 294-4468491

Photo of Don Corleone
Don Corleone

Av. Pioneros 4541

+54 294-4442062

Photo of Friend's

Mitre 302

+54 294-4423700

Photo of Girula Pizza
Girula Pizza

Photo of La Farinata
La Farinata

Av. Exequiel Bustillo 6500

+54 294-4565519

Photo of La Piccolina
La Piccolina

Photo of Pizza Malal
Pizza Malal

Av. Ezequiel Bustillo 12452

+54 294-4461702 +54 294-4502461

Photo of Santa Muzza
Santa Muzza

Tea Rooms

Photo of Bellevue Salón de Té & Queso Pan y Vino
Bellevue Salón de Té & Queso Pan y Vino

Av. Bustillo Km. 24,600 - Llao Llao

+54 294-4448389

Photo of Chalet Suisse
Chalet Suisse

Av. San martín 630

+54 294-4423120

Photo of Del Turista
Del Turista

Photo of Equs Casa de Té Gales
Equs Casa de Té Gales

Av. Bustillo 18500

+54 294-4824745

Photo of Frantom

Photo of Fundo Colonia Suiza
Fundo Colonia Suiza

Félix goyen 130

+54 294-4448619

Photo of La Alpina
La Alpina

Moreno 98

+54 294-4425693

Photo of La Escondida Casa de Té y Pasteleria
La Escondida Casa de Té y Pasteleria

Del Chaparron 14051

+54 294-4801513

Photo of Paila Co
Paila Co

Av. Campanario 3373

+54 294-4678191

Photo of Península Petit Hotel
Península Petit Hotel

Avenida Campanario 493 – Península San Pedro

+54 294-4275555

Photo of Tante Frida
Tante Frida

Fast Food

Photo of Iwoka Iwoka

Albarracin 274

+54 2944-725508  

Photo of Friend's

Mitre y Rolando

+54 294-4423700

Ice Cream Shops

Photo of Bona Vena
Bona Vena

San Martin 299

+54 294-4429157

Photo of Helados Jauja
Helados Jauja

Moreno 49

+54 294-4437888

Photo of Mamuschka

Av. Mitre 216

+54 294-4208830

Beer Shops

Photo of Antares

Eflein 47

+54 294-4431454

Photo of Bachmann

Elflein 90 esquina Quaglia

+54 294-4422249 +54 294-4955904

Photo of Belek

Elfein 13

+54 294-4420071

Photo of Berlina Tap Room
Berlina Tap Room

Ruta 79 y F. Goye s/n - Colonia Suiza

+54 294-4454393

Photo of Cerveceria Kunstmann
Cerveceria Kunstmann

Av Bustillo 7.900

+54 294-4464996

Photo of La Cruz
La Cruz

Nilpi 789

+54 294-4442634

Photo of Manush

Neumeyer 20

+54 294-4428905