Rates & special offers in Catedral

Pass 2024

Pass 2024 
Diary$115,000$96,000No ChargeOne-day access to all media from opening to closing.
Afternoon$99,500$82,600No ChargeAccess to all media from 1:00 p.m. until closing.
Cross-Country Skiing Journal$54,000$45,000No ChargeOne-day access to Telecabina Amancay with backcountry equipment from opening to closing.

Flexipass 2024

Flexipass 2024
2 Days$230,000$192,000No Charge
3 Days$345,000$288,000No Charge
4 Days$460,000$384,000No Charge
5 Days$575,000$480,000No Charge
6 Days$690,000$576,000No Charge
7 Days$805,000$672,000No Charge
10 Days$1,150,000$960,000No Charge
15 Days$1,725,000$1,440,000No Charge
30 Days$3,450,000$2,880,000No Charge

Exclusive Pass 2024

Exclusive Pass 2024
1 Day$230,000$192,000
2 Days$460,000$384,000
3 Days$690,000$576,000
4 Days$920,000$768,000
5 Days$1,150,000$960,000
6 Days$1,380,000$1,152,000
7 Days$1,610,000$1,344,000

Includes preferential access to selected lifts. Days of your choice: High/mid/low seasons 2024 and 2025.

Ascent pedestrian cable lane 2024

Roundtrip airfare$28.000$22,400
No Charge

Notes: Season dates subject to the 2024 school calendar of the Federal Board of Education. Season start and end dates subject to snow conditions.

Infant: between 0 and 5 years

Minor: between 6 and 11 years

Major: between 12 and 69 years

Prices expressed are in pesos subject to change without notice.

Prices are to the public and include VAT 10.5%, except Keycard which includes VAT 21%.

Prices correspond exclusively to Tickets for services and means of elevation of Catedral Alta Patagonia S.A. according to availability and daily assignment.

Prices do not include the cost of the Keycard. It is mandatory. 

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