Gaiman Gaiman - Photo: Jorge González

The small village named Gaiman is an unquestionable reference when it comes to the various Welsh colonies that settled down throughout the Province of Chubut, in Argentina. Their customs, religious beliefs and cultural activities were passed on from generation to generation.

The worship of tea has been kept intact and may be enjoyed at any of the Tea Houses that serve this beverage every day along with pies, bread, sandwiches, jam, fruit cake and other delicacies based on jealously kept recipes.

Among them, the famous Welsh cake stands out. It may last for a hundred years and, according to tradition, “it should only be eaten on the various significant circumstances presented by life”. This tradition is respected by the most ancient denizens of the town.

Besides tradition and the fact that this place is the seat of Gwyl Glaniad or Landing Festival every year on July 18, the city also boasts several attractions, such as the Welsh Regional Historic Museum, which houses various objects (relics today) from the days of the colony, once owned by the local pioneers.

The famous tunnel may be the most popular destination and postcard among visitors. There is no doubt that it has become a local icon. Long ago, the railway used to cross that tunnel and everyone in town was expecting to see the light indicating the presence of the train out of the cave, just like in the movies.

The great deal of fossil remains is also a protagonist in the area. That is why Bryn Gwyn Park was created. A visit to this place raises awareness about the huge number of dinosaurs which treaded on this zone.

For all these reasons and many more, small Gaiman turns out to be a perfect place to visit year round.

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Map of Gaiman

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