Rates & special offers in Las Leñas

Low season: from September 2 to closing
Special season: from August 19 to September 1 

Mid season: from June 17 to June 30 and from July 29 to August 18 

High season: from 01 July to 28 July and long weekends

passLow seasonSpecial seasonMid seasonHigh season
HALF DAY MAJOR9,20010,50011,80013,400
HALF DAY LESS7,4008,5009,60010,800
DIARIO MAYOR12,20013,90015,70017,800
MINOR DIARY9,80011,20012,60014,300
2 DAYS OLDER23,10026,50029,90033,900
2 DAYS MINOR18,50021,30024,00027,200
3 DAYS OLDER32,80037,60042,40048,100
3 DAYS MINOR26,20030,10033,90038,500
4 DAYS OLDER41,30047,30053,40060,600
4 DAYS MINOR33,00037,90042,70048,500
5 DAYS OLDER48,50055,60062,70071,200
5 DAYS MINOR38,80044,50050,20057,000
6 DAYS OLDER58,20066,70075,30085,500
6 DAYS MINOR46,60053,40060,20068,400
7 DAYS OLDER63,60073,00082,30093,500
7 DAYS MINOR50,90058,40065,90074,800
15 DAYS OLDER118,100135,500152,800173,600
15 DAYS MINOR94,500108,400122,300138,900
MONTHLY MAJOR199,800229,100258,500293,700
MONTHLY MINOR159,800183,300206,800235,000
MAJOR SEASON455,300455,300455,300455,300
MINOR SEASON364,300364,300364,300364,300

Rates with VAT. Includes Skidata card. Skidata Card: $ 1,000 (only paid separately for the categories Child, Senior and Family Plan)

Note: The rates, expressed in Argentinian Pesos, have been provided by the ski resort, responsible for any modification without prior notice. We recommend that you check the rates before making a reservation.

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