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Discovering Puerto Punta Quilla

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Port Punta Quilla - Puerto Santa Cruz

Speaking about Puerto Punta Quilla means speaking about a place like no other, with typical features of this region in Argentina, one of the southernmost in the world.

Puerto Punta Quilla lies on the southern margin of Puerto Santa Cruz Ria, at the Argentinian Sea shore, four and a half kilometers away from the mouth of the ria in the Atlantic Ocean and 17 kilometers away from the District of Puerto Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Ria represents an excellent harbor in this region, where winds are strong and it is necessary to depend on some natural scene to defend ourselves from the weather harshness.

Its access mouth lies between Punta Entrada and Punta Cascajo and it is 2 kilometers wide. Its direction is North-West and is 25 kilometers long up to the confluence of the Santa Cruz and Chico Rivers.

These features imply that this is a deep sheltering port, where a modern pier, ideal for sea activities, has been built. The venue is very popular year round.
Port Punta Quilla - Puerto Santa Cruz
Thus, this important overseas port boasts a platform of 158 meters of length by 30 of width. It has a double mooring front, enlarged by 11-meter-long and 7-meter-wide dolphins; therefore, the mooring front comes to measure 280 meters.

Furnished with all necessary services to operate safely, it has illumination and buoying service, electric power supply, fire proof system, drinkable water, fuel, federal warehouses, container parks, sea agencies, port loading and unloading, food suppliers and other features understood by those who take part in port and sea activities.

The anchorage features depths of up to 26 meters. There is another anchorage off the city shore with depth of up to 9.14 meters.

Even if port activities are the great protagonists at this site, it continues to be a tourist attraction that offers a chance to appreciate the lifestyle of sea workers. Visitors just need to look at it from a distance and appreciate the engineering works carried out in the area, part of this southern region in southern Patagonia.
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