Art and Antiques at the Fierro Museum

The museum is very easy to find: its façade is a letter of introduction for this space for memory and dreams, as defined by its owners

Pablo Fierro Museum is located right opposite Lake Llanquihue in Puerto Varas. It shelters countless elements highly appreciated for their relation with a recently past period.

What is special about this house museum is that everything may be looked at but also touched. Picking up an item is part of the visit. Every piece has a history and it will certainly remind us that we saw something similar or just like it at our grandparents’ house or at our own.

We visited the first floor and the top floor in the company of its creator: Pablo Fierro. He himself commentated on how the museum was organized and opened. Only effort and passion made it possible for this space dwelled by longing to become alive.

  • Fierro un personaje

    Fierro un personaje

  • Historias para conocer

    Historias para conocer

  • Arte y cultura en el museo

    Arte y cultura en el museo

  • Un poco de todo

    Un poco de todo

  • Vista panorámica del lago Llanquihue

    Vista panorámica del lago Llanquihue

  • Maquetas de arquitectura

    Maquetas de arquitectura

A mailbox shares the room with paintings by Fierro, home tools, newspapers and magazines from former times, and the like. There is not an empty corner in the venue. Items are on display all around.

The biggest attraction during a visit is the presence of the museum owner and his interesting accounts. Friendly and inviting, he talked to us about the process of colonization and the cultural changes that occurred ever since the immigrants arrived. He has always been dazzled by the architecture consolidated in the area by the German and the rich Chilota habits. That is why many of his paintings featuring diverse techniques show old mansions in their entire splendor.

The building itself is a house that seems to have been taken from a fairy tale. It has a wooden staircase and a balcony that overlooks a panoramic scene of Lake Llanquihue and the Osorno Volcano.

Pablo Fierro shaped his dreams at the same time he stopped time at each urban utensil to share it with us.

Mónica Pons / Jorge González

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