Camping in San Martín de los Andes

There are as many reasons for choosing a certain camping holiday as people who actually do it. There is a place to fulfill everyone’s expectations.

San Martín de los Andes has always been a popular destination for nature lovers despite the cold, rain or wind, common conditions in the area. The surrounding forests and lakes are an ideal starting point for thrilling outings.

We have travelled there several times, both by car and by coach. When the time came to choose a campsite, we considered the activities we wanted to pursue.

Located in the city centre, the Automóvil Club Argentino campsite offers ample, circumscribed plots. Its central location made us feel everything was close at hand, and we loved being lulled by the stream and enjoying the shady trees. On the other hand, it was only absolutely silent at night, when the city sleeps. It has an area for trailers, backpackers and provides services throughout the day.

There is another campsite in a residential area about 5 kilometers from the main square. El Molino provides full services, boasts an old grove and is within walking distance of the shops.

  • Automóvil Club Argentino

    Automóvil Club Argentino

  • Catritre


  • El Molino

    El Molino

  • Falkner Lake

    Falkner Lake

  • Lolen


  • Quila-Quina


A similar place, located in the wetland on the road to Junín de los Andes is the campsite known as Amigos de la Naturaleza. Its main feature is peace and quiet, as there are no neighbors. On a side road with easy access to the city center, surrounded by hills, it is ideal for families in search of relaxation and silence.

If you dream of getting up in the morning to gaze at the mist rising from Lake Lácar as it gradually awakens, there are several options near the city. The closest are Catritre and Lolenrun by the Mapuche community. The oldest campsite is Catritre with a long beach with easy access for kayaks or for sunbathing; there is also a restaurant with a deck overlooking the lake. Lolen is just across a stream with the same services and some cabins, as well. Both have a panoramic view and watching the ever changing sky and winds is in itself a sporting activity.

Quila Quina is an idyllic spot where you will find two campsites. One of them, bearing the same name, is on the riverside and offers camp-fires, restrooms and a cozy restaurant. The newer Antgti Lafquen located on the coast of the lake, is windier.

The campsites farther away from the city are probably the most rewarding and offer more activities. Such is the case with those at Lakes Falkner and Nonthué. Although these campsites have different characteristics, they both have amazing views of the lakes and their stunning natural surroundings.

Whichever you choose, you can walk, bike or ride a horse. Nights under the stars, by a glowing bonfire, fresh mornings full of color are some of the highlights of camping in this region of Southern Argentina.

Camping Automóvil Club Argentino
Address: Avenida Koessler 2175
Phone: +54 2972 429430
E-mail address:
Cabins are also available.

Camping El Molino
Address: Ruta nacional 40 Barrio Bickel, 5 kilometers from the city center.
Phone: +54 2972 426350

Camping Amigos de la Naturaleza
Address: Callejón de Gingins 1553, between Callejones de Bello y Torres
Phone: +54 2972 426351

Camping y Playa Catritre
Ruta 40 o de 7 Lagos, 4 kilometers from the city, on the coast of Lake Lácar.

Camping Lolen
Ruta 40 o de 7 Lagos, 4 kilometers from the city, on the coast of Lake Lácar.

Camping Quila Quina
In Villa Quila Quina. Go along Route 40 for 6 kilometers, turn right and continue a further 12 kilometers.

Camping Lago Falkner
Ruta nacional 40 or 7 Lagos towards Villa La Angostura, 40 kilometers from the city.
E-mail address:

Camping Nonthué
Ruta provincial 48 to Hua Hum, kilometer 37
Phone: +54 2972 429546

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