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Ancient Testimonies

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Cave paintings in Sarmiento

The natural eaves of painted hands is a site of high archeological value, where we find a record of the first dwellers of Patagonia.

Very close to the district of Sarmiento, this important archeological site lies in the source of a ravine that shelters an inhospitable and arid landscape, typical of the plateau. Today, that spot which used to be crossed by a river is just a deep narrow dry bed along which a thread of water flows in the rain season.
Cave paintings in Sarmiento
After a brief 2,500-meter hike, a natural eaves where there are vestiges of cave paintings is accessed. The value of this site is based on the variety of representations, on the fact that it is the northernmost point where the expansion of the negative style is presented, one of the seven artistic styles of the South, and also on its location in an area where the cultures of southern and northern Patagonia clash. The sequence, which is estimated to be about 5,000 years old, includes 5 groups of representations, namely: stencilled hands, carved footprints and negative hands with a halo, border patterns and fine carvings, and geometric miniatures.

It is important to remember that not only do these paintings have a high archeological value but they are also works of art related to the deep vital motivations that make up the essence of art.
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How to get here
travel 60 km to the west of the district of Sarmiento along Route 20, which is paved in this stretch.
this ride may not be done without the company of guides, on rainy or snowy days. It is important to wear hiking clothes: long trousers and good trainers.
Dir. de Turismo Munic. de Sarmiento
Pietrobelli 388 (9020) Sarmiento - Chubut - Argentina
Tel: +54 297 489-8220  
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2 hours
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The Detail

Since the very beginning, southern Patagonia has had to undergo several alterations. The first dwellers settled down after the ice masses moved backwards as a result of climatic changes, just like the advance of the forests and the steppe. The newly-arrived men slowly imposed their customs, technology and religion over the ancient cultural contents.
At present, our decorative art refers to the works of these first men, which we can admire thanks to the fact that these vestiges remain.


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