Equipment Rental in Nevados de Chillán

There are three complete ski rental stores in Termas de Chillán, located at the Gran Hotel, Hotel Pirigallo and the Shangri - Lá, which offer equipment for kids and adults, appropriate for the various levels and modalities, from basic to parabolic.

Equipment Rental in Nevados de Chillán

Services Rate per person
SKI A.N $15000
Snowboard A.N $15000
Boots Ski $15000
Boots Snowboard A.N $15000
Canes $5000
Helmets $5000
Full equipment Ski A.N $22000
Full equipment Snowboard A.N $22000
Locker $3000

Note: The rates, expressed in Chilean Pesos, have been provided by the ski resort, responsible for any modification without prior notice. We recommend that you check the rates before making a reservation.

Equipment rental in Nevados de Chillán

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