Restaurants in Nevados de Chillán

Each one of the hotels at Chillán provides a complete gastronomic proposal. Excellent national and international cuisine is served at the Shangri-Lá restaurant at the Gran Hotel Termas de Chillán. In a cozy and exclusive surrounding, visitors may enjoy seafood and fish from the Chilean coast, dishes made with various kinds of meat, amongst which wild boar, venison and emú stand out, as exotic proposals. Its wine cellar deserves special attention due to its wide range of vines and well-known wineries. It includes 304 labels in its wine list.


El Montañés is another gourmet spot at the Gran Hotel. With an outstanding Swiss mark on its cuisine, this restaurant serves typical Alpine delicacies: fondue savoyarde, bourguinone or the classical raclette. As a perfect finale, flambé desserts are a must.

As something new this season, the Gran Hotel will soon open a new resto-bar next to the brand-new casino and bingo.

On the other hand, the atmosphere at the Pirigallo and Pirimahuida is more appropriate for the family. Their varied menus include all kinds of dishes, from the criollo specialties to the most elaborate versions of international cuisine.