Lake Ruca Choroi

From Villa Pehuenia towards the South, you can access Lake Ruca Choroi. In order to get to it, you must take Route 23 to the village of Aluminé and then Route 18. You will reach your destination after 28 km.

The road is well-consolidated gravel and along the way you will see two smaller lakes. There is a good chance you will watch birds such as flamingoes, black-necked swans and several varieties of ducks. You will go across locations such as Poi Pucón and Carri Lil home to the Salazar and Aigo Mapuche Communities. The latter is one of the biggest in the province and its economy is based on sheep, goat and poultry rearing, together with the growing of vegetable gardens. They also make a great effort in maintaining their traditional festivities such as the Nguillatun. This festivity is carried out once a year or whenever they judge it necessary. On this occasion and for three running days there is a big community gathering in which they dance and pray for rain, good crop, etc. Their food is based on the "piñon" the fruit of the araucaria or pehuén tree. This tree can be several thousand years old and at Ruca Choroi you find the highest concentration of them. Ruca Choroi means "house for parrots". Parrots go nuts on the araucaria fruit. The area is provided with a sanitary post, and a school for the local children.

  • Lanín National Park

    Lanín National Park

  • This tree can be several thousand years old

    This tree can be several thousand years old

  • Araucaria or pehuén tree

    Araucaria or pehuén tree

  • Fishing allowed

    Fishing allowed

As you enter the Lanín National Park, sectional Ruca Choroi you will come across the ranger's lodge where you will be provided with the necessary information to enjoy your stay to the fullest. The area has two camping sites, which provide the following services: fireplaces, tables and benches, trashcans, toilettes, store, crafts, home baked bread and horseback rides.

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