Huife: Hot Springs and Hotel

At the gates of the complex, amidst a unique natural environment, a relaxed pleasant space welcomed us and made us feel we wanted to stay there forever.

One day to relish rest and relaxation at Huife Hotel and Hot Springs guarantees stress relief. Lying a few kilometers away from Villarrica, this is certainly a treat for those who experience the agitated modern lifestyle in which stress and routine prevail. As we arrived, we spotted each of the sectors in the vast venue while standing on the terrace of the main building. Its large three outdoor pools offer an imposing view with splendid parasols and deck chairs and their proximity to the Liucura River. Once we had gone through the changing-rooms, we tested the warmth of the waters and sat on the dark bottom made of rocks. The sensation of plenitude was complete, especially when we lay to rest on the deck chairs and let our sight wander around the hillsides of the neighboring hills upholstered with forest. The cold waters of the river complete the benefits of the hot spring circuit, though most guests do not dare to try them.

  • Outdoor pools

    Outdoor pools

  • Liucura River

    Liucura River

  • Hydrotherapy pool

    Hydrotherapy pool

  • Intense massage

    Intense massage

  • Perfect harmony

    Perfect harmony

  • Large sofas and armchairs

    Large sofas and armchairs

  • Warm torrente

    Warm torrente

Later on, we moved onto the area where the hydrotherapy pool is located. There were several options for massage. Warm water spurting out, bubbles, propelling cascades stroking our back, neck and waist. Time passed before we could notice. We wanted to stay there for good. Our legs and feet were toned up with an intense massage produced by the inner movement of the pool waters, where we could choose to walk either with or against the current. Thanks to the accurate information provided at the access, we stayed long enough at each of the pools featuring different temperatures, bearing in mind the necessary time for rest. A coquettish spa offers extra options to enhance the anti stress results generated by hot spring waters. Other services include mud and algae therapy, as well as relaxing massage. These techniques are highly appreciated and treasured by human bodies. A little farther away, the set of cabins invites guests to extend their relaxing stay for one more day. In turn, the restaurant and coffee house are conditioned to please both the most discerning palates and those who will go for a simpler and healthier diet to accompany the hot spring treatments. The aroma of cinnamon trees and myrtle trees invades the park and the trails that promise interesting hiking options. At the end of the day and on our way back to Villarrica, we could feel our body floating. The quiet road reaffirmed the harmony we had managed during a day immersed in a natural environment, enjoying the rest and relax provided by the hot spring waters of Huife.

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Termas Huife

33 Km. de Pucón, Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Phone Phone: +56 45-2441222 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +56 75482529

Tour KindTour Kind: Hot Spring Tour.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Low.
DurationDuration: All day.
TimetablesTimetables: Open from 10am.
Recommendations Apart from a bathing suit, we recommend that you carry a towel, robe and bath cap. In case you do not have any of these items, they will be supplied by the resort.

By car, take the road leading from Villarrica to Pucón and then turn into the detour leading to Lake Caburgua. Turn right 13 kilometers ahead at the post sign to travel 20 kilometers more up to the hot spring venue. The company offers shuttles that take visitors from downtown Pucón to the complex.
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