The Pleasures of The Coñaripe Hot Springs

There is a natural nook featuring plentiful vegetation and silent spaces where the infrastructure of a hot spring resort ensures a relaxing stay.

In southern Chile, the Lake District is highly appreciated for its wild natural features and the presence of warm healing waters. The Coñaripe Hot Springs are located in the heart of this pure nook and they offer relaxing treatments both for the body and the psyche. We left Villarrica and left Coñaripe Beaches, Lake Pellaifa and the famous Añiques Slope behind before we reached the venue. As soon as we entered, we went around the facilities and caught a glimpse of the various pools with stone floors surrounded by thick vegetation. It was essential to ask about the properties of these warm waters, their benefits and the right duration for each bath. We were shown an appropriate circuit to cover our needs.

  • Unique natural environment

    Unique natural environment

  • Indoors with hydromassage

    Indoors with hydromassage

  • Spring waters are constantly renovated

    Spring waters are constantly renovated

  • The center offers accommodation

    The center offers accommodation

  • Horseback excursions

    Horseback excursions

  • Resort restaurant and coffee-shop

    Resort restaurant and coffee-shop

  • A privileged thermal nook

    A privileged thermal nook

We saw several pools in the outdoor area. They all had different temperatures and thermal mud. Once we went indoors, we were surprised to see semi-covered or screened pools with hydrotherapy options. We stayed there for a while to make the most of the efficient massage provided by the jets of water falling on our backs, waist and legs. Resting in between baths is not only recommended but essential. Comfortable deck chairs specially designed to feel a relaxed body let visitors get ready to go back into the pools. The hot spring waters emerge from the ground at temperatures above those man can bear. Therefore, they must be regulated. They have relaxation properties thanks to natural elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, boron and sulfates, which are combined in order to manage therapeutic effects. Besides, skin and nervous system disorders are soothed by these waters. We resolved to have a break and made ourselves comfortable at the coffee house and restaurant to taste the dishes and sodas. We also visited the hotel and coquettish cabins. Maybe we could stay there for a few days on our next visit and enjoy this pleasant therapy. Outings through surrounding trails lead to creeks, waterfalls and fishing environments. These are magnificent options to add up healthy qualities to the hot springs of Coñaripe.

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Recommendations Head from Pucón to Villarrica and take the detour leading to Lican Ray and Coñaripe on the left before entering the city. This road borders Lake Calafquen and leads to Liquiñe. The distance to be covered on this road is 15 kilometers.

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