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Churches of Chiloé

Caguach Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photos: Cristian Larrère, FAICH
Located on the island and in the town bearing the same name, its history dates back to a first chapel worshipping Jesús Nazareno in 1734. Another document quotes the construction of the church in 1778, which displayed the image of the Nazareno coming from Spain.

Later on, in 1880, a new temple was raised. It was destroyed by a fire which gave way to its present construction in 1925 by the communities in the area.

Its patron saint is Jesús Nazareno and its feast is held on August 30.


This is one of the most complete sensations that the human being may feel.
Through diving, man could visit the bottom of the sea, see a sub-aquatic world, stroke fish and visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely safe and adapted to the water environment.
In order to practice this activity, it is not necessary to be in great shape, or to have a well-defined swimming style.


Make up your mind and climb, ascend or rappel down the most impressive mountains in Patagonia and become a great climber.
Considered as a high risk sport, it requires physical strength of arms and legs at the same time, combined with the technical skill of the climber.
We recommend that beginners do not start by climbing on natural walls, but in artificial ones and under the assistance of a professional guide.

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