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Churches of Chiloé

Vilupulli Church
Text: Mónica Pons - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio
It is located in the district bearing the same name, on Isla Grande, right opposite the coast on a wild looking hill.

As far as its age is concerned, records give evidence of a small chapel in the early seventeenth century, ratified by later oral accounts that assure the work was paid with food. Its present location dates from the nineteenth century. Its tall slender tower stands out.

Its patron is Saint Anthony and its feast is on June 13.

Fly Fishing

It is inevitable that we use passion to speak about fishing. A passion that invades each of us, anglers, in a different way, but usually by means of anecdotes or experiences.
Not only is fly-fishing passionate, but it also surpasses passion to such an extent that it is hard to put it into words. It can be told, like I am telling you at this very moment, but experience is and must be personal, always

Ski - Snowboarding

These sports are considered adventure travel par excellence. Extreme ski consists of going down quite a steep mountain with nothing but your skis. People practicing this activity have to use this technique in its maximum expression, giving priority to safety rather than to downhill speed.

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