Los Alerces Cascade

Before crossing the bridge over the Manso River towards Mount Tronador, coming from Bariloche, take the road on the left and follow a picturesque path to the beautiful cascade.

Everyone knows that Nahuel Huapi National Park features countless sceneries and enchanting natural nooks. Of course Los Alerces Cascade is one of those attractions visitors should not miss. There we went. The gravel road crossed thick cypress and coihue woodlands, typical of the mountain range area. We were amazed at the spectacular panoramic sights emerging behind every slope and every bend. The road was too narrow to take pictures, so we chose to put our cameras away. The Manso River ran quietly to our right. Little by little, the river became more violent and farther ahead it gave origin to some rapids which could be observed from many trails that reached the shore.

  • Enchanting natural nooks

    Enchanting natural nooks

  • Nahuel Huapi National Park

    Nahuel Huapi National Park

  • The Manso River

    The Manso River

  • Surrounded by ancient alerces

    Surrounded by ancient alerces

Afterwards, as we crossed the river again, we spotted the southern margin of Lake Hess, a small water body measuring 1.5 kilometers of length and 700 meters of width. This natural wild area is very quiet: the perfect habitat for numerous wildlife species, both native and exotic, like the wild boar. We took a detour 400 meters ahead and came across Lake Fonck. Its 4.5 kilometers of length usually provide an excellent chance to fish and sail. Finally, we arrived at our destination. A well-marked trail led us to the first important fall on the Manso River: Los Alerces Cascade. This wonderful expression of nature is surrounded by ancient alerces (Patagonian cypress trees) that provide a huge wonderful shade. The bluish green hues of Lake Las Moscas and its vast lonely beaches enclosed by green mountains can also be observed from the heights.

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Tour KindTour Kind: contemplative.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: low.
Recommendations Leaving from Bariloche heading for the South towards Lake Mascardi along Route 258, about 35 km are traveled along a paved road up to a rubble path that forks when it reaches the Manso River rapids: one of the branches goes to Lake Roca and Los Alerces Cascade and the other leads to Mount Tronador.
fishing and navigating the lakes.

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