Yatch Club

For those who are fond of nautic sports and fishing, Frutillar has an attractive Yatch Club from where you can go sailing in the area of Puntiagudo, Osorno, Tronador and Calbuco volcanos.

There is a ramp and a dock long enough to lodge 60 light boats with a capacity of 10 TM. In the sector are the facilities of the "Cofradía Náutica de Frutillar", created to develop among members an atmosphere of mutual respect, good manners and care for nature. If you are interested in practising nautic sports, you can be trained in sailing on an optimist in the navigation school of the Yatch Club. These small sailing ships are ideal for kids, since they are the safest ones to be initiated in these nautic activities. The sailing school has chosen the Optimist to carry out a program of sailors training, with a standard boat that requires the same maneuvres than a bigger yatch. Optimist is an Olympic type of yatch.

  • Attractive Yatch Club

    Attractive Yatch Club

  • Nautic sports

    Nautic sports

  • An old lighthouse adorns one of its sides

    An old lighthouse adorns one of its sides

  • The boat called Colono

    The boat called Colono

  • An ideal spot

    An ideal spot

  • A dock long

    A dock long

  • The pier and its coquettish restaurant and bar

    The pier and its coquettish restaurant and bar

Finally, if you are fond of adventure, you can hire an excursion on lake LLanquihue and enjoy the majestic view of the place.

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