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Natural Well-Being

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Llifén and Chihuio hot springs - Futrono

Health tourism also has its place in the surroundings of Futrono. We visited the Llifén and Chihuio hot springs. Find out their characteristics, properties and benefits.

Termas de Llifén Spa

It is widely known that visiting a spa is a relaxing experience besides having numerous benefits for the health and beauty of the body.

Just 20 kilometers away from Futrono and 123 from Valdivia, Llifén hot spring spa is open for visitors. It has an important infrastructure to gratify those guests who like to spend long hours relaxing in these exquisite waters.

Immersed inside a mountain landscape very near Lake Ranco, the resort invites guests to enjoy an ideal stay to renew body energy.

As we reached the resort, we were welcomed by its owner, Mr. Eduardo, who told us everything about the hot springs and their benefits. “These waters are rich in potassium, calcium, sulfur and minerals, and they are special for the treatment of cardiovascular, hepatic, rheumatic and skin disorders” – said Eduardo as he toured us around the facilities.
Llifén and Chihuio hot springs - Futrono
Thanks to a full and exclusive service which combines hot spring baths with the soothing hydromassage therapy, it is possible to feel more dynamic and relieve stress in Llifén hot spring spa. The resort has 3 hydromassage tubs and a swimming-pool of hot spring waters which range from 25º to 38º C.

Furthermore, guests can enjoy the soft and exotic fragance of the aromatherapy essences and oil extracts, flowers and plants which stimulate the senses. This is the best treatment for the body, the mind and the spirit.

After walking around the facilities, we were invited to taste a fresh nutritious breakfast made of blueberries juice, fruit salad, homemade jam, honey, cheese paste, paté, manjar, and mil hojas cake. Everything was delicious.

After a few minutes’ rest, we got ready to enjoy the warm waters of the Termas de Llifén spa, an ideal spot for health tourism, only 10 minutes away from Futrono.
Llifén and Chihuio hot springs - Futrono
Hot Springs Chihuio: Where the Poet Bathed

They may not have a first class infrastructure, but they are highly symbolic because it was in this resort where the famous poet Pablo Neruda bathed before leaving his country when going into his exile in Europe in 1949.

They are located in the upper Curriñe River, 70 kilometers away from Futrono, along a rubble road. Immersed in the Andes Mountain Range, and with lush native vegetation surrounding them, they are open to the general public at a low cost.
Llifén and Chihuio hot springs - Futrono
Once there, we did not hesitate to enter the ancient hot springs. It is necessary to emphasize that the temperature of the water is very high. The waters are held in a huge pool in the open air, and there are also some rustic tubs made of coihue wood for visitors to bathe in the hot spring waters. The site has bathrooms, changing rooms and a vast pic-nic area.

Hydrotherapy is a natural treatment used to heal and to produce a feeling of well-being. Llifén and Chihuio hot springs are ideal spots to enjoy a pleasant experience to rest and relax the senses.
Useful Data
How to get here
To get to Llifén hot springs from Futrono you must drive 20 km along route 55D towards the next town. After driving across the city, continue for one more kilometer approximately and you will see the “spa” sign on the side of the road. To get to the Chihuio hot springs, drive out of Futrono up to the Chabranco crossing, turn and take the route to the hot springs resort. It is easy to get there if you ask for information to the locals.
Where to Sleep: Termas de Llifén spa offers bungalows for 4 and 6 people.
Remember that hot spring baths should last from 10 to 15 minutes. If the guest suffers from some cardiac condition or hypertension, it is advisable to bathe for less than 10 minutes, with previous approval by the doctor.
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