Cte. Luis Piedra Buena

Cte. Luis Piedra Buena Murales temáticos - Cte. Luis Piedra Buena - Photo: Jorge González
The city of Comandante Luis Piedra Buena is a resting place for the land traveller. Situated on the left margin of river Sabnta Cruz, it is an ideal place to take a rest and get acquaited with the big history of the city.

It is 241 Km. from Río Gallegos, and the visitor will be awed by the green vegetation on both margins of the river, what seems an oasis within the semidesertic steppe.

Gregorio Ibáñez Avenue will welcome you to the city, since it constitutes the main street and it crosses the city longitudinally. There you will observe well maintained houses with gardens, surrounded by trees in all the streets.

In Lavalle street crossing Gregorio Ibáñez Avenue, you will find an attractive children’s park with amusements, channels with little bridges and a swimming pool for the yougest ones.
Along the northern margin of the river, you will find a wide 4 km. long forested area, ideal for camping since it has all the necessary facilities.
National route 3 crosses the river Santa Cruz through one of the longest and most important bridges in Patagonia. The big and small islands around it, like Isla de los Guindos, confer the place a divine and peaceful air.
Between the main bridge and the secondary one is Isla Pavón, where Comandante Luis Piedrabuena settled in 1859, and the house where he lived is conserved.
A museum in the area exhibits elements of the times of the ilustrious marine. Moreover, the island has a camping site and a mini zoo that you can also visit.
The city of Comandante Luis Piedrabuena also presents an ideal place to practise different nautic sports and is completely fitted up with facilities for the enjyment of those activities.

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Map of Cte. Luis Piedra Buena

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