Lake Caburgua, Summer Delight

Whether on holiday or just passing through, sandy beaches are favored by whoever leaves the city for a day outdoors.

PIanning a day trip is easy due to the short distance between Pucón and Lake Caburgua. Besides, its pleasing surroundings and warm water are extremely appealing whether you want to swim, sunbathe or simply relax on the sand. The road is also attractive and there are a few very popular tourist attractions just outside Pucón, for example the footbridge over the Trancura River or the detours to hot springs and Ojos del Caburgua falls. We reached a small, pleasant town with everything a visitor needs: cabins, restaurants offering typical Chilean food, supermarkets and craft shops. We finally got to the lake and its stunning colors. The blue sky mottled with white clouds reflecting on the water, a few boats, displaying their full sails and the people on the beach were absolutely moving. We stood in the shade of some huge trees for a few minutes taking in the beauty of the scene.

  • Warm water

    Warm water

  • Near Pucón and Villarrica

    Near Pucón and Villarrica

  • Playa Blanca

    Playa Blanca

  • Enjoy a day of rest

    Enjoy a day of rest

  • The catamarans

    The catamarans

  • Sandy beaches

    Sandy beaches

  • Food stalls and crafts

    Food stalls and crafts

In the horizon of the lake, framed by verdant mountains, we could make out the outline of the catamarans, taking people on outings. Although it is a short trip, it is so pleasant it is always fully booked. One of the areas of the beach has light colored sand so it is known as Playa Blanca or White Beach whereas farther ahead, the sand is dark so it is called Playa Negra or Black Beach, reached along a path on the coast. Although they are similar, and people delight in the warm, crystal clear water, the latter is more peaceful. As we watched the sunset, we knew it was time to leave the seaside resort and the Villarrica Volcano, which had been silently guarding our back, now rose majestically before us.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

How to get hereHow to get here: International Route 7 from Pucón to the detour to Lake Caburgua, a total of 25 kilometers from the city center.
Recommendations A park and two reserves remind us that this area should be enjoyed but also protected.

Security service is provided at the beach during the day every summer season.
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