Ascent to Quetrupillán Volcano

Once at the summit, the views are imposing, especially the Andes and its volcanoes.

Being part of the Andean Massif, Quetrupillán Volcano is highly attractive for lovers of nature and mountain ascents. Guided tours starting at Pucón and Villarrica offer a memorable adventure. We made contact with a travel agency specialized in adventure travel and made all the necessary arrangements to go on this excursion. It started very early in the morning on the day scheduled. We met our guides and the rest of the members of the motivated group. After an hour ride, we reached the spot where the venture would start. We arranged our gear and listened to some instructions before setting out. The first part of the hike was fantastic. It was a plain ground. A little farther ahead we were surrounded by the native woods, where lichens hanging from the tree branches gave evidence of how clean the air is.

  • Climbing the volcano

    Climbing the volcano

  • Magnificent views

    Magnificent views

  • "Line of fire of the Andes"

  • Wanted to stay there

    Wanted to stay there

  • To remember at home after ...

    To remember at home after ...

  • Extraordinary environment

    Extraordinary environment

  • Walk on the edge of the glacier

    Walk on the edge of the glacier

We relished the different green hues and learned the names of some plants while the birds did not seem to notice we were within their territory. Some lucky hikers get to see woodpeckers. After a short rest to catch our breath, we faced the hardest challenge: the volcanic sediment section. We were close to our goal but we still had to use all our strength and enthusiasm to reach the coveted summit. We followed the guide, who knew the path like the back of his hand and chose the most convenient trails. Quetrupillán is an inactive volcano whose blunted top stands 2,360 AMSL crowned by a glacier. Its name stands for "Roaring Devil" or "Slow-witted Devil" in the Mapuche tongue and it comes from a time when the native people were witnesses to its volcanic rage. The last few meters were steep and tiring but they gave us the first magnificent views. Eventually, we stepped on the edge of the glacier and the landscape opened up to show the entire zone. Quetrupillán, along with nearby Lanín (the tallest volcano) and Villarrica, are part of the so-called “Andean Volcanic Belt”. We discovered Llaima, Sollipulli and Mocho-Choshuenco Volcanoes and the lush vegetation of the Valdivian rainforest covering the Argentinian border. We were carrying binoculars, which enlarged specific sights. Suddenly, we wished to stay there and never descend to the plains so as to absorb all that extraordinary environment in our bodies. The camera captured some images that, once we were at home, confirmed the magnitude of such an exploit.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Agencia turismo Sol y Nieve

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Sol y Nieve

Lincoyan 361-B (4920000) Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Tel: +56 45-2444761

Cel: +56 88286571

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Moderated

Recommendations The outing includes shuttle, guides, access to Villarrica National Park, leg warmers, helmet, gloves, backpack and poles.
Pack warm clothes -even in the summertime-, hiking boots, sunglasses, sunscreen and food.

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