Volcanic Events

The Villarrica Volcano stands out from any angle in the city and it rules everyone’s life, whether as a tourist resource or as a show of respect for the local idiosyncrasy.

Everybody knows that the entire region surrounding the City of Pucón rests on a mountain range containing volcanoes. Some of them are dormant and others are active. Therefore, it is easy to think that a restless volcano that constantly gives off smoke and gas, may end up showing lava on its hillsides occasionally.

But all this is not as dangerous as it sounds. The different eruptions of the volcano throughout the years have enabled experts to foresee any new episode that might come up. The activity of the Villarrica is under constant monitoring led by expert staff. Besides, there are special entities in charge of dealing with this kind of events, if they happen.

There are signs in the streets that inform all passer-bys about the safest spots. Denizens of Pucón are not afraid of the whims of the volcano. Visitors just need to be alert and well-informed by tourist operators, hotel staff and public entities in general.

  • The Villarrica Volcano

    The Villarrica Volcano

  • Constant monitoring

    Constant monitoring

  • Streets of Pucon

    Streets of Pucon

  • From any angle in the city

    From any angle in the city

  • Town Hall

    Town Hall

  • Signs in the streets

    Signs in the streets

Both the ski resort in the winter and the various tours to the volcano show that the community co-exists in peace with this giant mysterious neighbor.

A red-yellow-green light located in the Town Hall indicates volcanic activity minute after minute and green prevails. It is necessary to observe the indications and signs to see ways of escape and to follow the instructions provided. Also, we should all accept these are actions of nature.

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