Relax at San Luis Hot Springs

A group of pools and services appropriate for one day of physical and mental welfare and rest awaits within a pleasant environment surrounded by native vegetation.

The facilities of San Luis Hot Springs enables visitors to move from one area to the next quite easily while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and vapors emerging from the various pools at different temperatures. First we visited the outdoor pool and then the indoor one. Made entirely of stone, including the irregular bottom, we accessed the first pool using the stairs. Once we found the ideal spot, we sat down for a few minutes. When in contact with the water, the body welcomed the first benefits and wished to remain within that space. However, the staff clearly instructed us not to overstay inside the water. So, we made ourselves comfortable at the lounge chairs nearby. Always in the garden, we spotted a pool with hydro-massage we also used to feel the pleasant effect of the water on our neck and back, the typical focus of stress.

  • Much native vegetation

    Much native vegetation

  • Relaxation climate

    Relaxation climate

  • Perfect setting

    Perfect setting

  • Road to the cabins

    Road to the cabins

  • Set of pools and appropriate services

    Set of pools and appropriate services

  • The eyes of thermal water

    The eyes of thermal water

  • Indoor thermal pool

    Indoor thermal pool

A cozy restaurant invites everyone to have a break to grab a bite and a drink, while resting in the shade before continuing the relax itinerary. In the indoor area, the air was mist and warm. We had even shorter baths and longer rests. The tub baths and therapeutic massage made by specialists complete the services. Before leaving the venue, we followed a trail that led to the cabins and saw the springs where the groundwater emerges carrying highly beneficial mineral content. Monkey-puzzle trees and other lush native species provide a perfect setting for a day devoted to ourselves, to leave routine behind and feel comforted.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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