Menetúe, A Key to Feel Good

While our bodies benefit from the mineral properties of the waters, the environment contributes its richness for pleasure to be complete.

It is a fascinating thing to wish to enter the world of warm waters that spring from the mountain and suddenly to find ourselves at one of the most traditional parks in the area near Pucón. Termas de Menetúe is located in a very pleasant nook in the Araucanía region and it welcomed us with open arms. From the moment we got in, we could perceive a relaxed atmosphere where silence prevailed. After a short chat at the front desk, we got ready to enter the circuit and enjoy the “place of baths”, the meaning of “menetúe” in the Mapudungun tongue. Amidst native trees and flowers, the various pools and attractions of the venue appeared before us. We chose one of the two outdoor pools immersed in and mingled with the local geographical features. They boast beautiful waterfalls. We sat on a rock bed for a few minutes. The water reached our necks and made us feel pleasantly warm. A soft breeze moved the nearby huge plants. Afterwards, we went around the surroundings, which offered comfortable armchairs made of rustic wood, up to the indoor pools. We were welcomed by a cozy space, with a lit fireplace that invited us to take a bath and then lie on one of the deck chairs to read a book. We accepted the invitation and lost track of time while we stayed there and let our body manage the necessary relaxation point.

  • Outdoor pools

    Outdoor pools

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere

    Warm and friendly atmosphere

  • Patagonian restaurant menu

    Patagonian restaurant menu

  • Warm waters

    Warm waters

  • Pleasant surroundings

    Pleasant surroundings

  • Rustic wood craft

    Rustic wood craft

Also, inside the main building, we found alternative therapy rooms where massage sessions and mud baths are available for the whole body and also for the face. There are individual baths and pools with different temperatures in another area. The mineral properties of the waters are highly recommended for skin disorders, rheumatism and bad blood circulation. Of course there is a restaurant at this exquisite venue. It offers a complete menu with plenty of Patagonian recipes and the possibility to have lunch while enjoying quietness and a splendid view of the mountains and the forest. The cabins are located in the surroundings and invite guests to relish a perfect stay. We went back to our hotel following a gravel road that leads to the access to Lake Caburgua. The Trancura River was our faithful companion during the journey. Accessible through any of the two roads, Menetúe is a must visit where our energy can be renovated during our stay at Pucón.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Termas Menetue

a 30 Km. de Pucón, Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Phone Phone: +56 45-2324800 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +56 85966566

Recommendations Besides hot spring therapies, there are tours available led by expert guides both by bicycle and on foot.

Take the International Road at Pucón and drive along 25 paved kilometers and 5 more made of gravel but in good condition year round. There are signs showing the way to the hot springs on the road.
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