A Place to Rest, Coñaripe Hot Springs

A modern and complete resort, lodated in a privileged thermal nook, invites relax and recreation in a unique natural environment.

This is a mountain range area surrounded by seven interconnected lakes and countless volcanoes, which concentrates several hot spring resorts between Liquiñe and Coñaripe. To reach this area and see one of the most important resorts, one has to head for Villarrica. Before entering the city, there is a detour to the left with a signpost indicating the districts of Lican Ray and Coñaripe. As the latter is reached, bordering the right shore of Lake Calafquén, there are only 15km left to access the hot spring resort. But before that, stopping at Coñaripe is a real temptation to make a picnic on the beach of volcanic sand. From there on, go down the Los Añiques slope, where you will catch an exceptional view of Lake Pellaifa until you reach the Coñaripe hot spring resort.

  • Unique natural environment

    Unique natural environment

  • Indoors with hydromassage

    Indoors with hydromassage

  • Spring waters are constantly renovated

    Spring waters are constantly renovated

  • The center offers accommodation

    The center offers accommodation

  • Horseback excursions

    Horseback excursions

  • Resort restaurant and coffee-shop

    Resort restaurant and coffee-shop

  • A privileged thermal nook

    A privileged thermal nook

This nook is sheltered by leafy vegetation, which has been offering its facilities for relax, rest and to recover one's health since 1991. Open all through the year and in permanent development, the resort infrastructure includes five pools, two of them located indoors with hydromassage and three outdoors. The hot spring waters are constantly renovated from their source and reach temperatures ranging between 39º and 42° degrees. The Coñaripe waters are rich in sodium, calcium, boron, sulfates, magnesium, iron and other chemical components that contribute to eliminate stress, general tiredness and dermatological conditions, among other disorders. Furthermore, they are beneficial for the nervous system. After the thermal therapies, the resort restaurant and coffee-shop offers a complete and varied menu for visitors. Accommodation is also provided in a 10-room hotel, 3 cabins and a fully-equipped apartment built in Andean style. The hot springs keep other attractions from horseback excursions with local guides to amusing tours by mountain bike, hiking, fishing and lake and mountain excursions.

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Recommendations The hot spring resort offers various activities to enjoy its surroundings.
On the road to Coñaripe – Liquiñe, at km 37, after crossing the Los Añiques slopes.
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