Huife Hot Springs

The facilities promise quietness and proper services for a full day of relax within an extremely beautiful and colorful venue.

The paved road towards Hotel y Termas de Huife goes across very green fields and hills. It is the start of a day of rest visitors will never forget and the journey takes only a few minutes from Pucón. Once inside, we went up to the terrace to catch a glimpse of the entire area. Our first immersion was in one of the outdoor pools, whose bottom is made of dark rocks and the temperature of the water is quite pleasant. Afterwards, we took a few minutes’ rest on the ample deck chairs and let our eyes wander around the Liucura River, flowing a few meters away, and the woods on the other side. The river is part of the hot spring circuit, as its cold waters provide guests the chance to alter between them and the warm thermal waters and thus enjoy the benefits this process has for blood circulation. Then we moved onto the hydrotherapeutic pool. We enjoyed the intense massage of the water coming out of the jets among bubbles and streams. A warm torrent from one of the cascades fell on our neck and shoulders at the same time we felt our stress was relieved. We lost track of time. One area of the pool offers an inner stream. Guests may walk either upstream or downstream to massage and tone up legs and feet. We relished a true relaxing atmosphere our body and spirit did not take long to become aware of.

  • Outdoor Pools

    Outdoor Pools

  • Liucura River

    Liucura River

  • Hydrotherapy pool

    Hydrotherapy pool

  • Intense massage

    Intense massage

  • Perfect harmony

    Perfect harmony

  • Large sofas and armchairs

    Large sofas and armchairs

  • Warm torrente

    Warm torrente

The native trees have been kept in the entire venue. Cinnamon trees and myrtle trees surround the pools and offer their green freshness and unmistakable perfume. All in all, Huife spring resort has given priority to the proper use of the different temperatures in the pools and appropriate rest. Therefore, the staff is ready to recommend how long visitors should stay at each space. At the spa, massage sessions as well as mud and seaweed therapy succeed in relieving stress in combination with the baths, relax zones and hiking tours along forest trails. A coquettish set of cabins offers accommodation inside the venue. Likewise, guests may have lunch and dinner at its cozy restaurant. We went back to town following the same road we had taken across intensely green meadows. We added quietness, panoramic views and persisting silence in this natural hot spring area in Araucanía. All this contributed to the perfect harmony of a day in which we made the most of nature and relax as a result of the invigorating thermal waters of Huife.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Termas Huife

33 Km. de Pucón, Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Phone Phone: +56 45-2441222 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +56 75482529

Tour KindTour Kind: Hot Spring Tour.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Low.
DurationDuration: All day.
TimetablesTimetables: Open from 10am.
Recommendations Apart from a bathing suit, we recommend that you carry a towel, robe and bath cap. In case you do not have any of these items, they will be supplied by the resort.

Drive out of Pucón heading for Lake Caburgua for 13 kilometers and take the detour on the right at the sign post. Drive on for 20 paved kilometers up to the hot spring resort. Shuttles from Huife are available in downtown Pucón.
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