Los Pozones: Natural Hot Springs

Each of the pools is fed by groundwater at different temperatures and they must all be tried in order to see their unique traits.

Los Pozones Hot Springs are located on the road to Huife, a few meters away from this venue. All the facilities are outdoors, accessible through a steep slope that leads to the Liucura River. The circuit of six rustic pools with temperatures ranging from 20 to 45 degrees began in that scenery of natural forests and a noisy torrent. The mineral properties of these waters are all the same. They all contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, iron and copper and they are prescribed to fight rheumatism, skin disorders as well as physical and mental exhaustion. We were advised to start at the pool with the lowest temperature, which coincided with their location with respect to the slope. Each of us estimated how long we would stay in each pool. In general, the body itself gives its own signs.

  • Outdoor facilities

    Outdoor facilities

  • Pools with different temperatures

    Pools with different temperatures

  • Rustic wells

    Rustic wells

  • Gardens with flowers and lush vegetation

    Gardens with flowers and lush vegetation

  • Natural elements and good shade

    Natural elements and good shade

  • Very hilly terrain

    Very hilly terrain

  • On the banks of river Liucura

    On the banks of river Liucura

The pools are surrounded by landscaped gardens containing thick vegetation and flowers, with rails that help bathers in or out of the pools. In turn, the nearby cold showers enable visitors to contrast temperatures and manage a complete benefit. Wild, well-organized and containing natural elements as well as good shade, these hot springs may be visited during the night. This is a perfect opportunity to relish the open skies of the Araucanía Region.

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TimetablesTimetables: The hot springs are open from 11am to 12am. However, it is not advisable to stay inside the waters for over 3 hours. Confirm this information by phone.
Recommendations The slope in the ground is compensated by ample staircases made with local stone. This might represent a difficulty for the elderly or for disabled people.

Los Pozones Hot Springs
Huife Alto Road. Paved up to Huife Hot Spring Resort, 33 kilometers away from Pucón.
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