Quimey-Co Hot Springs

The minerals of the hot spring waters and the temperature of each of the pools provide a constant stimulus to the body together with the effects of the pleasant natural environment.

After traveling along a road boasting very green hills in the hot spring district in the Araucanía Region, we came across one of the most highly appreciated venues, due to its organization and services: Quimey-Co. As we entered, we asked about the properties of the waters and the itineraries available. That would help us manage the physical benefits we were searching for. Answers came soon. Feeling very enthusiastic about the comfortable facilities, we entered the outdoor pools as recommended. Then we rested and got in again. It was a sunny day and we even dared to take a short dive in the cold waters of the Liucura River, as indicated by the experts. Though the screened pool is special for cold winter days, it is open year round. Just like the outdoor pool, it offers very cozy armchairs to rest after each immersion.

  • Hot spring resort

    Hot spring resort

  • Comfortable facilities

    Comfortable facilities

  • Screened pool

    Screened pool

  • Coffee-shop


  • Coffee-shop


  • Relax and pleasure

    Relax and pleasure

  • Different temperatures

    Different temperatures

It is surprising to find out what the aquifer layers of the ground provide. At Quimey-Co, each of the pools receives the waters that spring out with different temperatures, thus creating the different baths. There are some secluded nooks in the venue where the mist formed when these waters make contact with the air is formed as a result of a difference in temperature. In the heights, a coffee-shop tempted us with meals and the so-called onces. As we tasted them, we relished the view of a hill with native tree species that make up the postcard where the venue is located. Some vantage points and trails invite visitors to hike and watch the river from a close distance. Over twenty years in the market prove that Quimey-Co is a hot spring resort chosen by many people. We called it a day as we felt a clear sensation of relax and pleasure we would certainly wish to feel again in the future.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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