Walking around Downtown Pucón

In the very center, coquettish gastronomic spaces provide good service and delicious options to eat or drink at any time. Charming indeed.

The hustle and bustle of the city of Pucón invites visitors to go for an intense and dynamic tour year round and especially in the summertime. Its main streets and avenues are packed with tourist agencies that offer adventure travel activities, with excellent restaurants and recreational options. O’Higgins Avenue, as well as Ansorena, Fresia, Palguín, Alderete or Urrutia Streets are key arteries to visit stores selling items such as technical sport apparel, handicrafts and food specialties. Likewise, tourist operators organizing outings in the surroundings can be found on those streets. In the summer, Fresia Street is open only for pedestrians and its restaurants set their tables on wooden terraces under multicolor parasols. Some points in the city are a must visit. The main square is one of them, as its features and history have left a typical legacy. Besides, the Hotel Pucón –famous for its hierarchy- stands on one of its streets.

  • The Villarrica volcano always accompanies

    The Villarrica volcano always accompanies

  • Restaurants spaces

    Restaurants spaces

  • Hotel Pucón

    Hotel Pucón

  • Coastal walk

    Coastal walk

  • Great Beach

    Great Beach

  • The dock on the lake

    The dock on the lake

  • Corners of the city

    Corners of the city

Another similar space is the so-called La Poza, a waterfront promenade with a grand frame. Though swimming is not allowed, visitors may rest while enjoying the view of the Villarrica Volcano and the lake. To one side, a pier summons all the watercrafts that set sail towards the vastness of the water body to observe the city from a different point of view. In Pucón, summer days are a synonym for beach life. The thick dark sand is the preamble to a refreshing dive and Grande Beach is the most popular destination among sunbathing enthusiasts, especially young people. A thousand colors make up beach apparel, sails and kayaks in contrast to the blue lake waters and the sky. To one side, the forest provides good shade, ideal to rest and relax. The Villarrica Volcano is a constant escort. It is enormous and appears to be really close at many corners of the city, especially at La Poza. Its conical profile boasts a fumarole that is not a cause of concern for the population. In fact, land excursions reach the crater itself every day. Pucón is small and has everything visitors need just round the corner. It may be seen completely in a half morning’s walk while discovering the fashionable sites where visitors may have a good time both during the day and at night.

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